When We Last Left Our Heroes….

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Fitting with our new site, We start off the season with our capsule updates of your favorite shows. (Well they are our favorite shows ) Jen can’t wait to find out what happened to Castle on his wedding day and I can’t wait to see if  a certain fixer is on her way back to her Presidential lover. Without further ado, we get you up to speed on the finales….


Castle ABC…On the day of her wedding, Kate Beckett stands and watches as her fiance’s Mercedes becomes ablaze with him in it…

for better or for worse

Will Richard Castle survive the crash and give Kate her happy ending ? Season Premiere : September 29

Grey’s Anatomy..ABC  Dr Richard Webber finds out that he is indeed a father …he has a daughter by Ellis Grey . Meredith and Derek’s marriage is in jeopardy as he prepares for his new position in Washington DC… Cristina leaves and she gives Alex her shares in the hospital…..Is this the end for Meredith and McDreamy?

richard and his daugher

Whats will this do to Meredith?  Kate Burton appears on the Season 11 opener on Sept 25 as Ellie Grey in a flashback

meredith and derek

Will Derek follow his dream to Washington and leave Meredith behind? Shonda ? Why do you like to torment your couples so much?

Scandal ABC…   The last images that we saw were  Olivia leaving Washington with Jake by her side. Her phone was ringing because Mellie was calling her since Fitz had broke down after Jerry’s death. He had a collapse on the Seal in the Oval Office. Quinn had made the ultimate sacrifice by giving Huck the information to find his wife and son.. so he finds them…Fitz wins a second term because of the sympathy vote when his son collapses in his arms. Mellie admits she was raped by Big Jerry….

fitz and mellie

He may still be President , but at what costs?  Mellie comforts her “husband” as they mourn their son  Jerry Jr. The death causes the American public to vote Fitz in and once again, it is not a fair election.

leaving on a jet plane

The phone rings … will Olivia answer it… she knows who it is…The tortured romance of the Fixer and the President continues on Sept 25…

NASHVILLE ABC… Rayna has been proposed to by two different men.. Luke proposes to her at their concert in front of the audience and then she gets a second private proposal from Deacon…..

ryana and luke the proposal

Rayna must choose Luke   OR

nashville finale

Is Deacon ready to finally stop drinking and settle down with the mother of his daughter , Maddie  Nashville premieres on  Sept 24 with the super country band Florida Georgia State Line…


Chicago Fire  …It was supposed to be a happy day…Chief Boden was getting married and preparing for fatherhood. Casey had proposed to Dawson and she was now officially a fire fighter. But tragedy strikes and all of 51 is now stranded in a burning building downtown…that the Chief watches blow up…

Chicago Fire

Who will survive ? Chicago Fire premieres September 23…..

Chicago PD  Lindsay’s past is revealed and its dark…She was in love with a murderer and hooked on drugs. Finally she breaks and tells everything. Jin sacrifices everything and loses his life….Kim and Adam get hot and heavy and Antonios wife has left him and taken the  kids.. there is a note….

Chicago P.D.

Will Lindsay’s life recover? And will the handsome fire fighter be there to pick up the pieces.. Season Premiere Sept 24….


The Big Bang Theory . . .CBS

Penny ‘s life is a shambles because she is fired from the movie. But then she realizes what she needs and that is Leonard. He proposes and she accepts. Now the bad news, telling Sheldon that he has to find a new place to live. He falls apart and runs away…

leonard and sheldon

Will Sheldon return to Pasadena ? Will Penny and Leonard finally get married? Season Premiere  Sept 22


Coming Up:  Read the Love Stories of Television’s Hottest Couples ….



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