Television’s Hottest Romances…. Part One…. Olivia Pope and Fitzgerald Grant

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Today we start our series TV’s Hottest Couples with the Fixer and the President. We will telling the classic love stories of those characters that have endured or continue to  deal with obstacles. These are our favorites , we hope you enjoy them as well.

He was losing miserably, just couldn’t get the numbers he needed to win . But in the wake of the election, his campaign manager called someone he knew could do the job. Coincidentally, she had also been one of his most brilliant law students and had worked on other political campaigns. There was only one problem, she took his heart. Upon seeing her for the first time, she proceeded to tell him why he would never win the Presidency. He was in a dead marriage, that was only for appearances sake. To put it mildly, she said it looked like he never screwed his wife. He fired her…….

one minute

She finds out the truth .. he is in love with her. It would normally be easy except for the fact that Fitzgerald Grant 111 is married, has two teens, and is running for the highest office in the land. His wife, Mellie results to lies and deceit to win votes in her quest to be First Lady. She lies and tells that she has suffered a miscarriage while on the campaign trail. She tells him and he realizes even more that he loves Olivia.

on the bus

He asks her to be inappropriate , tells a town hall that he is in love with an incredible woman, (not his wife, her)  then finally after much internal strife , they make love …

first night together

(Little do they know that the night of passion is being taped and will be used later)

 Finally Fitz wins the election with the help of a little fixing by Hollis Doyle and the election is rigged. Fitz doesn’t know it is though. Olivia gives him  a precious gift… a pin that belonged to Eisenhower that he wears on his lapel….

mellie fitz and liv

 Then the new President thanks his campaign manager

thanks for the gift liv

i belong to you

 Fitz assures Olivia that this is real there is no Sally Henninge or Thomas Jefferson. He is in love with her and he can’t breathe , eat or sleep without her. It is one of the most beautiful scenes of their relationship.

tree gate

Olivia and Fitz continue their clandestine romance under the noses of the First Lady and his chief of staff , Cyrus. Finally  Olivia is confronted by Mellie and she resigns her post as Communications Director. She leaves Fitz crushed..They part until he needs her help to take care of a woman who claims to be pregnant with his child. She finds out that it was part of  a play to get rid of him from Sally Langston’s  Chief of Staff, Billy Chambers who resigns. The woman turns up dead in the Potomac. Scandal continues to rock the White House as the actions of Defiance and election rigging are brought to light. Secrets are kept and people continue to pay for their sins.   Fitz is shot……and clings on to life

in the hospital after the shooting Olivia is devastated .. Huck is arrested for the shooting….Sally takes over as President …..

funeral program Olivia is forced to help plan the President’s funeral  .. her heart is breaking and naturally her boyfriend , Edison has been dismissed. She , Mellie and Cyrus are forced into a lie that the President is fine so Sally can be removed from the Presidency. Sally gets wise and calls them on the carpet about Fitz.


Right when Olivia is ready to come clean to Quinn about why she is in Washington, Cyrus calls and tells Olivia that someone wants to talk to her. He holds up the phone so Olivia can hear the most beautiful voice in the world say Hi to her. Earlier Cyrus tells Olivia , “He calls you the love of his life, don’t you dare give up on him.”

whiskey tango foxtrot

shes history

Fitz finds out that he didn’t really win the election fairly. He finds out from Verna that she was the one who had him shot and that her, Mellie, Cyrus were in on it. What really hurts him is that Olivia was on it and she didn’t have enough faith in him. Fitz murders Verna . They break up and then at Ella’s Christening , after ten months Fitz and Liv have angry sex in the utility closet. He then says that he can’t control his erections around her and once again , her heart is broken.

Mellie has had it. She is ready to go nuclear and tell the world that her husband is a cheating bastard . Fitz has had it as well. He goes to Olivia ‘s and tells her that he is ready to earn her. They sit and watch the clock together which results in a marathon lovemaking session.

a woman scorned

shower scene

Which ends in some steamy shower sex…. HI!  He spends the night and then is surprised when he finds Cyrus in Olivia’s bedroom …  The lovers hatch a plan so that Mellie is out and Olivia is in.. But once again , fate steps in by the name of Rowan Pope. Cyrus shows Fitz a tape of Jake and Olivia and then he tells Olivia that the man she loves is a cold blooded killer who killed Verna. She steps outside one morning and accosted by reporters . She has been outed by the press as the President’s mistress. She is rescued by her father…

poppa pope

This man is an enemy to the relationship so far he has sent his daughter away to get her away from her boyfriend. He has also had Fitzs son killed to save the Republic. Some of the other awful things he has done include imprisoning Olivia’s mother for 22 years and making Olivia think she was dead. He also gave the order that a plane be shot down and the Navy pilot to do it was Fitz.  Finally the two meet and confront each other (The You Are a Boy Speech)

vermont is for lovers

He really does love her , because he had a house built for her in Vermont. It is huge and he had hoped that it would hold all of their kids and would be a place for them to grow older together. During the second election, he had her see it before he sold it. They spent the night after making passionate love… after they were done she simply told him  Don’t sell the house… Do they still have hope? Let’s hope so

oliva and fitz

At this time, the fate of this couple remains in question. Will Olivia get back to Washington after leaving it on a jet with Jake? Can Fitz get over the death of his son and can he help his Mellie get over the trauma of her rape  combined with losing her son? Is Vermont still in the cards or is it a lost dream?  Tune in this Thursday night…. on ABC for the continuing drama of Olivia Carolyn Pope and President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant 111 on “Scandal”

Next up : The love story of the Writer and his Muse::: It’s Caskett love with Rick and Kate!!!


2 thoughts on “Television’s Hottest Romances…. Part One…. Olivia Pope and Fitzgerald Grant

  1. That was an amazing recap!!! I NEEDED to see it all from the beginning. I hate that Fitz is so spineless – it seems like all the women (I’ma count Cyrus amongst them) do dirty work for him and allow him to be pretty. He just dissolves into tantrums and pretends that he’s willing to risk it all for Olivia, but conveniently slithers through a loophole at the last minute.


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