Sandra ‘s Stellar Performance at Victory Gardens


I have seen quite a few television actors here on the stages of Chicago. One thing they all have in common is they are fighting against the image that the world has perceived of them. After all, they are actors above all. This is especially the case when an actor has made America love them in that role.

Just recently, we had the pleasure of seeing a special production of Ariel Dorfman’s “Death and the Maiden” at Victory Gardens. I was looking forward to this play for a couple of reasons. It seems that the norm now is political dramas, which explains the popularity of shows like “House of Cards” and “Scandal” Dorfman has seemed to hit the nail right on the head with this tale of the result of a coup in  a South American country. The other reason for wanting to see the show was that it features one of my favorite actresses, Sandra Oh fresh from her departure from “Grey’s Anatomy” . Oh portrayed the tortured Paulina with same passion that she did as Dr. Cristina Yang. Paulina is trapped as the typical political wife always trying to put on a front for her husband’s career. The shameless politician -husband is Gerardo played by Raul Castillo. He has been acknowledged by the new government and is happy with his new position. Enter his friend played by John Judd, Judd turns out to be the man that tortured and raped Paulina when she was in school.  Paulina recognizes him and then she breaks. The theme that the audience is left to ponder is if the Doctor is guilty or not guilty. It also questions whether or not violence should begat violence. All three actors gave powerful performances . Miss Oh demonstrated her versatility as an actor to theatre by her range of emotions. You could sense the anger and hurt by the timbre of her voice. Yew should be commended for putting together this high of a caliber  of a play with professional actors on a small stage.

The biggest treat for me and my co editor was the opportunity to meet and chat with the wonderful Ms. Oh. She was more than happy to meet with fans and take photos , This impressed me with the intensity of the role she played. Even after giving it her all, she still took the time out to meet with her fans. I told her that I had done the play myself and of course informed her how much we enjoyed her as Cristina on the ABC hit. She thanked us and then when Jen asked her what was McDreamy really like?, she smiled and said” he really was “McDreamy.”

The run for “Death and the Maiden” has been extended to July 20. I recommend this play to anyone who has a passion to see great theatre done by professional actors. I also say if you are a fan of “Grey’s Anatomy” or Sandra Oh, don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity. Tickets are available at or by calling 773-871-3000. Victory Gardens Theatre is located at 2433 N Lincoln Avenue

paulina confronts her supposed tormentor Dr Miranda

Paulina confronts her tormentor Dr Miranda


Here we are with the wonderful and awesome Sandra Oh. She was so sweet and we even had a gift for her, a key chain in the shape of a human heart. Jen asked if Patrick was really mcdreamy and she answered Yes… we told her how much we would miss her…. and how we cried as she and Meredith danced it out….


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