The Ten Best Looks of Olivia Pope

olivia pope

 In honor of the Limited’s Scandal collection , I am sharing my ten favorite looks of Washington’s favorite fixer. I got a chance to see the collection and have already plotted and wish listed my favorites. It will make any woman feel confident and powerful. (Sorry girls, it may not get you that dreamboat you want, especially if he is the President) It is on the wish list of every gladiator that I know…Without further ado… here are my picks for Liv…

michael kors dress

Michael Kors…Happy Birthday Birthday Mr President… Season 2…. Olivia wore this cute little number for the Inauguaration of Fitz… little did she know that it would drive her Presidential honey crazy…literally … and he would do her on the sacred desk of the Oval Office…the night after that episode aired …the dress sold out quickly…

jean fares gown

Jean Fares couture gown… Happy Birthday Mr President … Olivia needed something spectacular for the President’s 50 th birthday this gown would definitely make some waves.. Shame the POTUS never got to see his Livvy in this because he got shot that night. As a result, she wore it as she calmed down the First Lady and waited anxiously with Cyrus of Fitz’s condition.

dior houndstooth jacket

Dior Houndstooth Jacket  Vermont Is For Lovers Too..  Season Three  Paired with this Prada bag, it is the perfect ensemble to wear on those bothersome flights on Marine One. Olivia wore this coat to meet with Fitz in Vermont.

chloe slleve less blouse

She  paired it with this adorable Chloe sleeveless blouse… it looked nice until it ended up on the floor …..

back of top

But at least Olivia had someone to button her up when he tore it off of her…..

christening outfit whiskey foxtrot scandal

MaxMara PianoForte Parigi Dress.. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot ..Season 2. It is a shame that we will probably never  see Liv as First Lady because she definitely has that Jackie O vibe going with this outifit..She wore it to be the godmother of her gbf Cyrus  and James little girl , Ella. at her christening. Once again, the outifit was too much for certain people. This resulted in an encounter in the utility closet with Fitz…..

more cattle less bull

Rubin Singer gown for More Cattle, Less Bull  Season 3 …Olivia needed to be seen as a strong woman, she also knew that her Presidential sweetheart would see the gown when they were on the outs once again. Showing up at the state dinner with Jake, she had to make a statement. This gown oozes old time Hollywood glamour and Paolo found it a Neiman Marcus and almost didnt get it for Ms Pope. Lyn Paolo is responsible for all cast members from Fitz to David Rosen.

tory burc h trench

Tory Burch Trench for Sweet Baby and most of Season One……This has to be the iconic symbol of Olivia Pope and if there is one thing to put in the Smithsonian from this historic series it should be this. This takes us back to the confident Olivia of Season One…while she was still the scandal fixer and not the scandal…It’s handled!!!

donna karan casmere 2013

Donna Karan cashmere cozy with hoodie …A Woman Scorned….Season Two….Olivia was just relaxing with her usual glass of wine when she gets a knock at the door. Three gentleman are there and one of them is her  lover . who comes to prove his love while his wife airs their dirty laundry on national television.  It just looks so glamorous and cozy…

escada besjana blazer and tova pants episode one season fout

Escada Besjana Blazer with Tova Pants…paired with Manolo Blahniks… Randy, Red, Superfreak, and Julia Season 4…Olivia makes waves as she comes back to Washington… always the fixer she walks into the Capitol and who does she see… a very familiar face … no words exchanged …just looks and a touch of fingers as the exes pass by each other…

hunting season liv and fitz

My final look is from the First Season and the episode Hunting Season…It is a gorgeous Akris Punto Jacket paired with Armani pants. Liv was wearing heels of course, but she was very lucky to have her own POTUS charming to put on hunting boots so those shoes wouldn’t get ruined. Love this Prince Charming scene from the show…it is a modern day fairy tale…

elliot staples lyn paolo and kerry

 Here are the masterminds behind this new exciting collection that every gladiator will want to get their hands on. Elliot Staples designer for the Limited, Lyn Paolo costume designer for Scandal, and the lady who wears it so well Kerry Washington…



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