Its Gettin Real in Shondaland!!!


Alright TGIT people !! Last night was an explosive night in Seattle and DC. Truths were revealed , one step closer to that reconciliation we have been waiting for, and a winner has been declared..

owen and callie

Callie and Owen collaborate on a project . They bond as she and Arizona have more problems and Owen tells her how he misses Cristina as she goes for her dream… We miss her too Owen….

Grey’s Anatomy

Owen was the standout last night as Kevin McKidd made us cry as he went on about how the love of his life is making her dreams come true and he has had to let his go as a father and husband. He invited Callie to help him with an ambitious project of surgeries on vets who were amputees . Callie has had plans to have more big fat squishy babies, but Arizona’s new fellowship has closed that door. She will be too busy to be mommy. Maggie continues to have problems as she tells Richard off for not letting her know sooner he was her father. Meredith and Alex bond as he prepares his speech for the board and she looks for the truth about her mother’s pregnancy. They look into the records and find out that Ellis was indeed pregnant and also tried to kill herself. Meredith needs a “person” now since Derek has decided to go all ego and terrorize everyone. What a McAss!! Jo wishes that Meredith would find another person , so she would leave her person  alone. The board meets finally and Dr Miranda Bailey and Dr Alex Karev state their cases for the board seat vacated by one Cristina Yang. A decision is made and the winner is Bailey… Karev now has no job and feels like it is just his luck… Derek yells at Meredith.. the battle lines have been set…..

waiting for the decision greys

 It is Evil Spawn vs the Nazi …. and the winner is Bailey… what will Alex do? Sitting is series originals Justin Chambers and Chandra Wilson


fitz gets realAn acting tour de force was delivered by Tony Goldwyn in his continuing role as President Fitz Grant

Heavy is the head that wears the crown and boy is that true for one Fitzgerald Thomas Grant. He is faced with a wife who is losing her mind, a Chief of Staff being blackmailed leading toward his demise, and pining for the one woman who would make sense of it all. Tony Goldwyn showed a myriad of emotions last night as he dealt with Mellie and showed where his heart is. From a cross examination to Gabby (Sir, my name is Abby) to his venting how he wanted to be a soocer dad in Vermont. That’s right gladiators ! We are going to see it happen , in fact next week the two will confront each other when Liv is called to the WH for the first time this season. B-613 is alive and well as Charlie is confronted by Jake . Jake is unhappy with a lot of things and wonder why he would be looking at a picture of Tom when he was killing Gerry Jr. Jake is also not thrilled of the state of his relationship with Olivia , he is her booty call , while she pines for her Presidential honey. Quinn stands up for herself hurray! and we have some sweet Huckleberry Quinn as Huck promises the next time that she is missing he will look for her . Cyrus continues his own bootie call. (Now Cyrus, expect a visit from a ghost wearing glasses yelling at you. the late James…your husband.) Olivia invites Jake to dinner with Dad, but it turns out that Jake is the main course as he threatens Poppa Pope. You don’t mess with command and the track record for men that have dallied with his daughter is not good… one was in an accident, one had his son murdered, and Jake was threatened. Rosen has finally learned to use power…but it is a dangerous slope…Next… why did you leave me? hang in there gladiators.

papa pope gets real

 Jake (Scott Foley) is served by Olivia’s dad… Emmy Winning Joe Morton shows Joke that he doesn’t know who is messing with… Men that have hurt his little girl are dealt with severely, and Jake threatening him does not sit well with Command!!!!


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