James Novak ..With Love We Say Goodbye

dan bucatinsky

Note: This is a repost of an article last Spring when Dan’s character on Scandal was killed by that no good Jake. Dan has been quite busy with NBC’s Marry Me and also which premieres next Tuesday and also he will be returning with his dear friend , Lisa Kudrow as The Comeback returns to HBO on Nov 9.

Instead of my usual musings about Olitz and the Gladiators, I thought it was more fitting and proper to write my own tribute to the warm, funny James Novak played so brilliantly by Dan Bucatinsky. With this Emmy award winning role now in the history books, there is no doubt that it won’t be long before we see Dan again. James was White House Press Secretary to President Grant, Spouse to Grant Chief of Staff Cyrus Beane, and Father to Ella Novak Beane. He will be missed….

cy kisses james

On the Grant campaign trail is where James first met Cyrus. Cyrus was not that comfortable with coming out , but James was the first person to make him feel that he didn’t have to be ashamed to be gay

washingtons gayest couple

Life would not be easy for Washington’s hippest gay couple. Living a life in the shadow of the scandal ridden Grant Administration,  the two would constantly be at odds about something.


Trust would also be an issue as James dug deeper to find out the truth about Defiance. This was to show Cyrus that he could be trusted and he wasn’t wearing a wire. Both men bared their souls that night.


Even though he couldn’t be brought to the Inauguration , Cyrus made up for it by inviting  James to the first Grant State Dinner. They may have drawn stares , but Cyrus showed he was definitely in love.

james and ella

James just wanted to have it all. He finally realized his dream when Cyrus and him adopted a little ebony princess by the name of Ella. She was their angel and her godparents were none other than Olivia and Cyrus’s  best friend , Fitz.

cyrus heart at

Cyrus couldn’t take all the lies and deceit anymore, so he had a heart attack in the middle of Washington. James begged him to not die and never left his side.

david and james

But it all ended one night as James sought to find out the truth about the death of Daniel Langston. He met with David Rosen about the case and then Jake Ballard shot him. He lingered with James until the bitter end.

cy and fitz

Cyrus had gone in front of the press to announce the death of his beloved. In the middle of the press conference , he broke down and was comforted by his true brother, Fitz. Bravo to Steppenwolf’s Jeff Perry for an award winning performance last night.

the happy family

You will forever be in our hearts and minds,  James.


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