DVD REVIEW: Shondaland Favorites and America’s Favorite Crime Fighting Duo

abc studios logo

 Just recently we got a chance to spend a whole weekend with our favorites at ABC. It was perfect timing since we were anxiously awaiting premiere night and wanted to catch up before the new season started. We would like to thank Maria Barazza at ABC for the box sets.

castle season 6

 America’s crime fighting sweethearts come back in Season Six for Caskett fans. This DVD is loaded with some really entertaining and informative features. Cast members talk about their favorite scenes and moments from the season in “My Favorite Things.” It is cool to hear the actors talk about scenes that have meant something to them or that they just thought was plain funny. Beckett takes you along as they film the nail biting season finale . Love to hear her talk about the dresses she wore and the jewelry. Commentaries include Seamus Dever and Jon Hueves as their characters describing a typical episode. Always entertaining is the bloopers and deleted scenes Fans will also be thrilled to see the long deleted scene from Season 4 ‘s “Always”. This is a must have for any fan of the series, especially if they are following the history of the couple.  My fave was Seamus showing off his talents in “Way of the Ninja” in a cut of him singing at the club “What I Like About You.” There needs to be a musical episode with this talented cast…


Det Kate Beckett finally has closure as she arrests the man responsible for her mother’s murder , Sen Bracken

grey's season 10 dvd

Grey’s Anatomy

Season Ten was a special season for people who have been fans of the show from the beginning. This was the Sandra Oh season since the actress had announced her departure from the series. Shonda had made the show a monument to the character she created. This was evident in one of the extras “An Immeasurable Gift” Cast and crew members sing their praises to the award winning actress. It is a wonderful trip down memory lane as she spotlights defining moments in the character’s development. Cast also talk about their experiences with procedures in “Medical Medical” The extended episode is “Do You Know” , which chronicles the decisions that Cristina has to ponder . Season Ten also spotlights the special 200th episode with fun features like Patrick Dempsey juggling and riding a unicycle, If you claim to be a fan of the original interns, this set is a must by for you….

burke and cristina

Cristina Yang is shown her destiny courtesy of her ex Preston Burke as Isiah Washington returns in the episode “We Are Never Getting Back Together Again.”


scandal season 3 dvd cover

Washington’s favorite fixer goes on her private roller coaster in the Season 3 DVD. From her evil parents, the gladiators, and the election year problems of her Presidential sweetheart, this dvd is full of the crazy twisty moments that gladiators thrive on. The surprise a minute finale “The Price of a Fair and Free Election” is extended in a treasure trove of bonuses including a feature that allows the viewer to see how set designers and location scouts can make the nation’s Capitol in LA. Cast member Jeff Perry’s career is spotlighted in “In the Moment”  From founding the famous Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago  to his days as Thatcher on “Grey’s” , this salutes an actor who is truly an actor’s actor as the viewer will find out as cast members sing their praises. Deleted scenes and bloopers will crack you up. One of the deleted scenes left so much speculation that the fandom used it for their own fan fics. Only a couple flaws in this dvd, they have left out two important members of the cast. Each of the actors have earned Emmy’s and were driving forces in plot points in Season Three..Joe Morton and Dan Bucatinsky. Neither were mentioned in press or on the cover of the DVD. If you want to spend a weekend with intrigue, drama, and the hottest romance on the tube , this is the one for you.

cy and fitz

 Cyrus Beane breaks down in the President’s arms when he has to realize  that his husband, James is dead in the emotional  “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”

All of these dvds are available from ABC Studios and on line as well. You can also find Castle 1-5 , Grey’s Anatomy 1-9 and Scandal Seasons 1 and 2 in stores and on line as well.


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