Castle “Clear and Present Danger”



Castle is in its 7th season and last night’s episode “Clear and Present Danger” may only be the third episode but so far its the best! It had humor, romance, suspense and sex! yes sex!  Our favorite couple is back! Castle and Beckett haven;t slept together since his return from a 2 month absence. They both thought the other wasn’t ready but oh are they ever ready they start to pull each other to the bedroom only to be interrupted by her ringing cell phone. They have a new case but its not just any case. Castle swears their killer is the invisible man. They couple goes back to the scene where Castle blames the invisible man when he gooses her. Its no joke  when Kate appears to be , being chocked by an invisible force. The same force knocks Castle to the ground banging his head on the ground. “The invisible man is real!” he exclaims.  Again the couple tried to have sex but Kate feels like they’re being watched so Castle sets up a booby trap only to catch his startled mother. We also learn Ryan has taken a second job to support Jenny and Sarah Grace  he is security at a male strip club Esposito gives him a blue g string that says “Security” on it in glitter s a joke.  The discovery of an invisibility suit and a cuddle fish leads Castle and Beckett to their killer the victim’s girlfriend. The episode ends with Castle lighting candles and putting on night vision goggles attempting sex for a third time. Kate says she’s going to change into something more comfortable she disappears in the bathroom Castle calls out “If its my Valentine’s day gift I approve” Kate reappears naked “Its better it’s invisible” she grins. Castle  ‘s eyes widen and the goggles  are tossed aside. This was definitely an episode for Caskett shippers the flirting, sexual tension and make out session made the show. Kudos to Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic for their amazing portrayal of our favorite crime fighting duo!

733 They’re both so ready!!

10733987_389902157838777_6870398743100246920_nCaskett making out but it doesn’t last when Kate feels she;s being watched and Martha is caught in Castle’s booby trap.

7347Ryan has taken a second job as security for a male strip club Espo gives his a g string as a gag gift.

7354  “Its better its invisible” Kate grins.


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