The Return of Olitz


Still recovering from tonight’s OMG moments and hoping our  friends on the Coast, are still enjoying Grey’s . Wow!!! so much that happened. The biggest shockers involved more drama with the First Family.

Sweet little Karen Grant , now she is involved in a sex tape. {Season One Daddy was !!!)  Two nasty little boys involved her in a three some called the Eiffel Tower. (note President Grant, when did you start learning sexual postions in sex tapes? It was either for reference for things to do with Liv or something to do for those ten years you weren’t getting any) Karen knew she was in trouble , so she called the one person who has fixed things for her family since she could remember, Olivia Pope!!!

Add blackmail to the mix, more antics with smelly Mellie, and this season’s hottest kiss . The gladiators are to the rescue as Olivia handles this royal mess. People are starting to return to form as Fitz tells off Liv when she tells them that one of the parents of the boys involved wants 2.5 million for the tape. Olivia fights for her man as she tells them no deal!!! She shows her loyalty for the Grants. Mellie starts to bounce back in a touching scene with Karen, but not after she has been yelled at by her hubby.

The faceoff begins with Olivia being confronted by Fitz of why she left him and then he grabs her and says don’t ever leave me again. Liv blatantly lies to her man and says she went alone when we all know that she went with Joke. But Joke ‘s  problems are just beginning. Poppa Pope wants him dead and we know Poppa gets what he wants. Jake threatens the innocent David Rosen and tells him he wants the files back. But things seem to be more complicated  as more people go down for the death of Fitz Jr. But finally his father knows the truth!!!!

By far the best episode this season… returning to the Scandal we all love … crazy OMG moments and romance returns to the White House….  Special acting kudos tonight go out to Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn, and Scott Foley shows his evilness .Bellamy continues her awesome acting as a small part of the old Mellie returned in the scene in the Oval . Also to Brian Letscher as Tom finally gets a part. I feel bad for Tom because i always liked him and thought of him as Olitz’s cheerleader. Tune in next week …same Scandal time and same Scandal channel


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