Review: Castle, Child’s Play





Last night’s episode of Castle “Child’s Play” made this fan’s biological clock tick so loudly! It has to be one of the cutest episodes. First we have Alexis waiting on Castle hand and foot worrying about him like a parent cooking his meals , doing the dishes and feeding him, his favorite dessert. Beckett finds Alexis’s behavior strange but doesn’t get a chance to say anything there’s been a murder. The victim an ice cream man and evidence shows their witness may be a 2nd grader. Castle is recruited to get close to the class of 2nd graders do to his child like ways hoping the child who witnessed the crime will confide in him. The kids don’t give him a very warm welcome an eraser hits hm and one  of the kids says  “My dad says your books suck” Castle thinks he found the witness in  a little boy they bond in the grass with army men, but it turns out  the little boy was talking about movie and Castle looks like he wet himself the kids chant “Mr. Castle wet his pants”  Next Castle thinks the witness is a little girl named Emily he plays prince the party with her donning wings and a tiara he looks too adorable, but she isn’t the witness either the bad thing that happened opt her is another kid, Jason bullying her. In an interesting twist Jason is the witness sorta, his older sister  the victim’s night school teacher was the actual witness and she told Jason not to tell anyone. The find out the killer is after a photo of himself that was hidden in the boy’s camera case. After a a brawl Castle and Beckett arrest the guy. The episode ends with a very touching,moment between Castle and his daughter. He tells her he knows how she feels he felt the same way when she was missing. There is a loving hug and scooter play between father and daughter.  All in all another great episode filled with enough cuteness to rot your teeth, all I I have to say is Nathan with with cute kids what’s not to love!



NATHAN FILLIONCastle goes back to school to find a young witness in their newest murder investigation

princess Castle Castle bonds with with young Emily when he believes she’s  the witness

daddydaughterCastle shares a sweet moment with his little girl


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