Jake Gets A Can of Whoop Ass – POTUS Style

joke and olitz

 It was definitely a night for POTUS fans!!! From the beginning of the show, until the end, we were strapped in and ready for a ride. There were some tear jerking moments , there was surprises , and of course there was Tony Goldwyn at his sexiest this season. This only goes to show that the reunion when POTUS and Olivia become one again is only a few episodes away.

Obviously the main focus tonight was Jake aka Scott Foley. His days are numbered in Washington. There is one person who is fighting for him and that is Olivia. She is still confused about her feelings for him. I guess you would have some kind of loyalty to a guy that you were screwing . But you aren’t going to get too far when you have pissed off the President of the United States. I don’t know what has made him madder , the fact that he thinks that Jake killed Jerry Jr or the fact that Jake has screwed the woman he loves. It’s probably both. Jake egged him on about how he was inside her while he punched him out. Note to TG fans: I was never more turned on in my life than when Fitz was going after Jake and punching him. Working out in the WH has paid off. A special added treat was the sing a long with Fitz and Jake. Both have prove their singing talents, Scott was in the Music Event on “Grey’s Anatomy” and Tony was in “Promises Promises ” on Broadway.

Fitz has also had it with the woman who was formerly the First Bitch aka Smelly Mellie. He gave her an ultimatum , to return to the old Mellie (sneaky, lying ambitious ) or get out of his face. Olivia tried and tried to find out what had happened to her sex toy and was finally told by her dear friend Cyrus what had happened. Bravo to Jeff Perry who I have dubbed his character my new hero, He finally remembered while on his booty calls that he had a wonderful loving husband names James. Quinn was such the bad ass tonight as the earns the title of ultimate gladiator as she dug for the truth with this week’s client. (Does anyone pay attention to OPA business anyway?} Guillermo made me feel sad when he went to see his little boy, Javi and his ex wife wouldn’t let him see him and called a shrink for him. Huck doesn’t like to be lied to , so he tried to strangle the doctor. Abby went on her merry bitch way, yelling at Rosen and Olivia. Tonight was a breakthrough in the Olivia / Abby friendship. Olivia admitted how scared she was about not knowing about Jake and the two hugged. Ahhhhhh.

Everyone just hit it out of the park tonight acting wise. It’s safe to say that Scandal is one of the best acted and best written shows on television. It kind of reminded me of the early days of Grey’s and the cast has to be commended for their tweeting. Even if they are hard at work making another great episode, they take the time to send those tweets to their fans. They try to tweet everyone whether they are celebrating a birthday or giving them a pat on the back for something their character has done.

There was a little bit of trouble this afternoon when an online entertainment site was calling the true gladiators “idiots” for rooting for our couple.They proceeded to give reasons why Fitz and Olivia were a bad match. We who can truly call ourselves gladiators , are not idiots. We are people who still believe in romance and that if two people are meant to be together they will find a way. We have sat by and watched out couple live through death, assassination attempts, election fixing, murder, threats from the First Lady, deceit from Cyrus, and so on and yet he can still get angry and she can still shed a tear when she thinks of him. So fellow “Idiots” , let’s keep hope alive and pray that Shonda will allow that man to be a Vermont soccer dad when the Presidency is just a memory.

the two men of olivia pope

  Here sit the two men who fight for the affection of Olivia Pope… Jake Ballard and President Fitzgerald Grant (Scott Foley and Tony Goldwyn ) Special thanks to gladiator Fitz Thomas Grant  for the use of the picture.


4 thoughts on “Jake Gets A Can of Whoop Ass – POTUS Style

  1. I agree that this week’s episode was something for everyone. Cyrus’ suprised us with some uncharacteristice empathy towards Olivia, when he revealed the whereabouts of Jake the snake albeit in his own almost threating way. Fitz has dicovered a new level of disgust for Mellie ,which I think is great. Now maybe his anger at Liv will subside. He always needs a woman.


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