Guess Where You Saw Them 2014

tv clip art Hi there, It is Fall 2014 and that means our annual ritual of looking at tv’s newest and remembering where we saw them last. There are a lot of actors who are in new series . Some of them have made such a name for themselves before that the networks are hoping you want to see them again. We also have a few actors that are returning to tv in new roles on returning shows. Come with us down memory lane as we remember ….

katherine as izzy  greys Katherine Heighl will always be remembered as one of the original interns on “Grey’s Anatomy” Izzy stole our hearts with her love of Denny and her cancer . She returns this year in “State of Affairs” She is the head of the CIA to POTUS Alfre Woodard on NBC.

katherine heigl  state of affairs

kate walsh private practice

Kate Walsh enchanted us as the ex wife of Derek Shepherd on “Grey’s Anatomy” then she went to LA to find herself in “Private Practice ” Now she shows her fun side as the judge you don’t want to meet on NBC’s “Bad Judge”

bad judge

w and g

Sean Hayes and Debra Messing have returned to television this fall . Sean Hayes is now on “The Millers” He was also in his own  series last year that sadly was cancelled “Sean Saves the World” But here is Sean on Broadway in the musical “Promises Promises” singing a duet with that musical POTUS Tony Goldwyn


sean hayes on b way promises promises

the mysteries of laura

Here is Debra as a detective for the NYPD . Her boss is her ex husband and her sons are demon children. Mom  and cop mix for hilarious results in “The Mysteries of Laura

quantum leapDean Stockwell and Scott Bakula teamed up to right the wrongs of the past on the sci fi classic Quantum Leap. Bakula also was one of the Enterprise capt on “Star Trek Voyager” Now he stars on NCIS New Orleans

ncis new orleans

roseanne laurie metcalfLaurie Metcalf has done the rounds since “Roseanne” where she was her sis Jackie. She has performed live at Steppenwolf in “Detroit” , played the killer in Scream 2, and is delightful as Sheldon’s mom on BBT. Now she is mom to a fun  family on CBS “The McCarthys”

the mccarthys

friends photo FRIENDS was one of the classic shows of all time. Two of its stars have returned. Matthew Perry is Oscar Madison in “The Odd Couple ” on CBS and Lisa Kudrow returns to television in HBO’s “The Comeback” Lisa was awesome last year on “Scandal” as Josie Marcus , failed Presidential candidate. This is a comeback for “The Comeback” because it was originally canceled.

the odd couple

the comebackHere is Lisa as Diva Valerie Cherish ,accompanied by her Publicist Billy played by the Emmy award winning Dan Bucatinsky. As well as “The Comeback” Dan also appears on the NBC show “Marry Me”

marry  me

But the role that Dan is best known for is the husband -journalist and father , James Novak on “Scandal” Last season he was tragically killed by that bad guy Jake Ballard. Here he is with husband Jeff Perry and their daughter , Ella


hand twin Thomas Lennon plays Felix to Perry’s  Oscar, Here he is on “Friends” as Joey’s hand twin . Pictured with Matt LeBlanc Perry and Lennon also worked together in the movie “17 Again” Lennon also worked together with Sean Hayes as his boss in “Sean Saves the World”  last year.

the last shipOne of the biggest hits of last summer was “TNT “The Last Ship” Both stars are no strangers to television.

fireflyAdam Baldwin was Jayne on the sci fi cult classic “Firefly” Here he is pictured with the star of “Castle” Nathan Fillion as Capt Malcolm Reynolds . Baldwin also did a guest appearance on “Castle” as Det Slaughter.

eric dane  greys anatomyHere is Eric Dane when he was Dr Mark Sloane aka McSteamy . He is pictured with Kevin McKidd and Patrick “McDreamy” Dempsey on “Grey”s Anatomy”

blackishOne of the new hottest shows on television is Blackish. It is about a modern black family living in LA. Many of the stars have been seen in other roles ….

girlfriends8 Tracee Ellis Ross who plays the mother , Rainbow  was one of the stars of the UPN “Girlfriends”

yara shahidiYara Shahidi who plays Zoey has a special role that she played. She was the young Olivia Pope on the “Scandal” episode “YOLO”

guys with kidsAnthony Anderson as Andre was on a short lived show from last year called “Guys With Kids” He has also appeared in such movies as “Barber Shop, Scary Movie, and “Scream 4”

lawrence fishburne blackish Lawrence Fishburne appears as POPS the lovable grandpa. He has also been on CSI and appeared in many movies including his role as Ike in “What’s Love Got to Do With It”

how to get away with murder tom and violaFinishing off Shonda Thursday or TGIT is “How To Get Away With Murder” . There are three familiar faces in this cast. Here is Viola Davis as Analise Keating with her husband Sam played by Tom Verica. Tom is no stranger to Shondaland as a director and one of the co producers of “Scandal”

viola davis law and order svu

Here is Viola Davis from “Law and Order SVU”

will and grace tom verica Here is Tom as Danny on “Will and Grace”

lisa weil how to get away with murderLisa Weil as Bonnie will played a huge part in the first season of “Scandal”

lisa weil scandalHere she is with Olivia and Quinn and Gideon Wallace. Lisa will be remembered as Amanda Tanner, Billy Chambers spy and Presidential plaything. She was a major part in Season One until her murder.

JUDD HIRSCH, IOAN GRUFFUDD, ALANA DE LA GARZAWe wrap it all up with the new ABC crime drama “Forever” It stars Ioan Gruffuld, Alana De La Garza, and Judd Hirsch.

forever guy on castleIoan previously appeared on an episode of “Castle” He tried to come between the crime fighting duo and failed.

OITB Yvonne Vee ParkerLorraine Touissaint or Lt Joanna Reece is better known to tv audiences as “Vee” in the smash hit “Orange is the New Black”


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