A Dangerous Game

olivia and the phoneOlivia has started to get late night calls again. One was so hot , we had to fan ourselves after hearing Tony Goldwyn describe what he would do for his Livvy.Now her and Fitz team up with Jake to bring down Poppa Pope

Hey gladiators , have you recovered yet from tonight’s episode. The hour was filled with surprises and revelations all around. Abby was shocked to see her former husband, Charles , in the White House running for Virginia senator. She was not pleased , so Olivia to the rescue. Olivia fronts a new exciting and female candidate and gives her a complete makeover. Who better than Ms Pope could do a makeover, if anyone knows about style and beauty , it’s her. Not every woman can capture two men’s hearts (and one of them be the married Leader of the Free World) In the continuing soap opera of Olivia and Fitz, viewers were treated to the sultry voice of one Fitz Grant 3 as he described what he would do to her. So much for no feelings, Liv was fanning herself along with us . Hey Tony! do you also charge 9.99 per minute? Mellie is back in full bitchiness. She is determined to be the First Lady to reckon with. No more china and dinner parties for her. Her husband doesn’t have time to deal with her , what with trying to win back his lady love, bring down Rowan , and still run the country.

Performances of the night go out to Brian Letscher and Darby Stanchfield. Darby has come a long way in her portrayal of Abby. Tonight , we got to see a little glimpse in Abby’s past. It is interesting to note that both Darby and the man who played her ex Charles (Michael Trucco) both were alums from the show “Castle” Trucco played Tom Demming who dated Kate Beckett and as everyone well knows that Darby played Meredith Castle the ex wife of Castle and the mother of Alexis Castle . Darby wowed us with her take back attitude she used on Charles and then shocked everyone as she kissed Leo . Does this mean a new romance for Abby/Gabby/ Red. Cyrus is beginning to put the pieces together concerning Michael . Tom was questioned by Olivia about Jerry’s death and she found out the truth. Tom waxed poetic  about how Olivia was Helen of Troy. He also told her about Fitz’s suicide attempt which shook her to the core.

The ride came to a screeching halt as Huck was brought face to face with his son , Javi . Rowan had better prepare for the fight of his life as he is now facing his daughter, the former head of b613, and the Commander and Chief. Welcome back Paul Adelstein as Leo and get ready for the return of Momma Pope. This is going to be good.

NEXT: Winter finale !

Screenshot_2014-11-06-22-15-13-1This man could heat any woman up… cold shower anyone


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