Castle ‘s Best Moments of 2014

castle cast

Its the end of the year and we have decided to stroll down memory lane and revisit Jen and my favorite shows . Coincidentally ,  both shows are in hiatus and are on ABC. Jen loves “Castle” and I am a true gladiator for “Scandal” . Jen ships Caskett and I am Team Olitz . So we decided to spotlight these two shows big moments of the year.

castle wedding photoHere is the wedding we were all waiting for… Kate and Rick with the ones they love, his mother and daughter

once upon a time in the westHere they are on their wild west honeymoon solving a crime – they sure know how to have fun

beckett sees the car Here comes the bride but where is the groom? Beckett is terrified to see Castle’s car burn in the season finale

caatle  in the belly of the beast Beckett poses as a Russian assassin and then when her identity is revealed she is tortured

castle smells like teen spiirit Here they are investigating a teen murder at the school where Castle attended. Since he pulled a practical joke, he missed his prom. Beckett was more than happy to be his date at the dance

Castle612-00722-1-1-1Martha and Rick have to do surgery on his father who was played by James Brolin. (aka Mr Barbara Streisand)

clear and present danger After Rick had come back  , two months later, Beckett and him finally have sex

the boysJavier and Kevin are trapped in a fire on the night that Kevin’s wife gives birth to Sarah Grace

STANA KATIC, JOE POLITO, NATHAN FILLION, JON HUERTAS, SEAMUS DEVERIts a trip back to the groovy seventies when a suspect is trapped in the disco era and the 12th is turned into a 70’s police station


Beckett finally gets justice for her mother’s death by arresting Senator Bracken. Jack Coleman did double duty last season as Bracken and also on Scandal as Daniel Langston .


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