Its Been a Scandallous Year- Images of 2014

scandal cast season 2Alright gladiators , it is the middle of winter hiatus with 30 days to go. Since we are looking at NYE, I thought it would be fun to look at the best of our show for this year. Things seem pretty dire right now I admit, but we have to have hope that the endgame isn’t that far off. Enjoy!

where the sun dont shineFitz just can’t seem to catch a break… he is given an ultimatum war or resign. The bargaining chip is the one thing that he can’t do without … you don’t mess with Fitz’s woman!

dont anwer thatWith the knowledge that her mother had killed her lover’s son and everything , Olivia decided to get on a plane and take off … she leaves with her boy toy Jake and returns months later

in the oval  price of a free and fairLosing his son and the love of his life on the same day proves too much for the President as he ponders it all on the seal in the Oval Office

kiss kiss bang bangJake has a job – to kill the one who threatens the republic as he digs for the truth about the Vice President’s husband’s death. That person unfortunately is Cyrus’s husband and Ella’s father James Novack

mellie and chickenShe is no longer the glamorous, ambitious First Lady , Mellie Grant loses it and becomes Smellie Mellie and a national joke ..have some chicken

fitz aandrew and mellieA winning team ? Hardly ! Fitz finds a new running mate after Sally turns on him. It is Andrew Nichols who proves  to be more trouble than he is worth and endears himself to the First Lady.

fitz beats Jake Jake is fingered for the death of the President’s son but things get really bad when Jake eggs on Fitz about being with Olivia… then Fitz becomes bad ass POTUS and sexy! Jake Ballard gets a can of whoop ass- Grant style

randy red julia and superfreakThe season began when Olivia returned to the funeral of Harrison Wright . Here the gladiators reunite to say farewell to the original gladiator in a suit

PAUL ADELSTEIN, KATE BURTON Sally decides she is done with Fitz and declares her candidacy for the Presidency. She utilizes the wonder boy Leo Bergen to help her defeat Fitz

DYLAN MINNETTE, BELLAMY YOUNG, MADELINE CARROLL, TONY GOLDWYNTrying to win the Presidency can be hard . especially with kids like Karen and Jerry Jr . But the most famous part of this episode is when Fitz screams “I’m talking to my wife” to Olivia. BIG MISTAKE

you are a boyFitz interrogates Papa Pope and chides him on as he describes in detail what he has done to his daughter and his response is that he is nothing more than a BOY!

olivia chillingSometimes a girl just needs to get away… while Washington goes to hell , she relaxes on the sun with Jake

the kissIn the privacy of the bunker, Fitz wants Olivia to kiss him…. old feelings return

the walk throughNo matter how hard they try to forget each other…fate brings them together

late night phone callsNothing like a late night phone call to get you all hot and bothered… then …..i  think we all were fanning ourselves after that calldont step on my dance floorIf anyone has seen this woman -please call the White House…Olivia declares she is her own woman and then vanishes….


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