Take A Sentimental Journey on the” Airline Highway”

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Microsms populate pop culture. Whether we are treated to the saga of a group of people who crash on a jet or seven people on a three hour tour, literature treats us to these examples  as an examination of the soul. The latest play at Steppenwolf , “Airline Highway” does just that.

This play written by Lisa D Amor struck me as a visit to a Tennessee Williams classic. It smacked of local colors and characters that lit up the stage. Carolyn Brauer adds life to the role of Zoe. Like “Alice” , Zoe has found her own version of Wonderland. Hers is a motel in New Orleans called the Hummingbird motel. Some of these residents are mad enough for the tea party. Mostly they have been people who are forced to live with the bad choices they have made in life.

Stephen Louis Crush captivates the audience as “Bait Boy” . He is a kept man who returns to the Hummingbird to visit his friends. He is caught between two worlds , the world where he is a success and the happy place he found at the Hummingbird.

Ensemble casts are always great . They give the audience and actors a chance to examine a wide range of characters and allow the actors to give their best performances. Kudos to casting a play with such a diverse range of characters. As an actor it almost makes me jealous to see some of the juicy roles in this play.From K Todd Freeman’s portrayal of the hapless drag queen to the delicious Miss Ruby, we see people at different stages in their life trying to just survive. Not an actor is wasted on stage either, they all make up the colorful picture which we call theatre. If theatre truly touches the soul, then this play is definitely one to experience.

Airline Highway will be at Steppenwolf until February 8. For information about times and performances go to steppenwolf.cloudtix.com

airline highwayCome join the celebration on stage… “Airline Highway” at Steppenwolf


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