A Tribute to Samuel Goldwyn Jr – A Member of Historical Hollywood’s Family

samuel goldwyn jr photoAs an actress and someone who has literally dedicated herself to television in some form or another. I just couldn’t let this passing go unnoticed. As fans, we often say that the people who let into our living rooms or houses become members of our families. This is definitely the case with this man and his son that has become such a part of pop culture. In the nineties it was Ross and Rachel , now its one couple that touches us with their forbidden love story. “Olivia and Fitz” Now we reach out and give a tribute to Tony Goldwyn’s father, Samuel Goldwyn Jr. who passed into immortality yesterday.

Samuel Goldwyn Jr. was born into Hollywood royalty. As the son of the legendary Samuel Goldwyn, it was destined for him to be part of the film and television industry. He was born September 7,1926 in Los Angeles California to his father and actress Frances Howard. Goldwyn served in the Army during World War 2 . Following this, he became a theatrical producer in London and then worked for the legendary Edward R Murrow in NY . Following in his father’s footsteps, he founded the Samuel Goldwyn Company Formosa Films, and Samuel Goldwyn Films. Some of his projects included “Master and Commander” which was nominated for an Oscar, the original and revival tv series “Flipper”, “American Gladiators”, “Mystic Pizza” the eye opening tale of the AIDS epidemic “Longtime Companion” , “Traces of Red” with his son Tony in it, Goldwyn was one of the pioneers of independent filmakers in the days before such giants as Miramax.Goldwyn also won an Emmy for producing the 60th Academy Awards .

Goldwyn seemed most endeared to family life. He married Jennifer Howard in 1950. Howard was the daughter of author and screenwriter, Sidney Howard. From that marriage came four children including   John  who is known for producing Dexter and his brother Anthony Howard , an accomplished actor -director currently appearing on the ABC hit “Scandal” as Pres. Fitzgerald Grant. From his second marriage to Peggy Elliot came two more children. At the time of his death, he was married to his third Patricia Strawn.

He passed away yesterday at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles , It was speculated  that his family including his sons were at his bedside at the time of his passing. We at Chitownstarconnections give sympathy to the entire Goldwyn family. He will indeed be remembered as a pioneer in the independent film community.

                                                samuel goldwyn and wife Here he is at a Hollywood function with his third wife. By his two other wives, he had a total of six kids

goldwyn sonsHere is an article that was in a magazine with Samuel and some of his sons including a younger Tony

Samuel goldwyn and peter goldwyn Here is Samuel with his son Peter

samuel goldwyn and tonySay doesn’t this guy look familiar ? Its son Tony aka Fitz  Good looks do run in the Goldwyn family master and commanderSamuel was known as a producer for many films and projects. He was the producer of the film of “Master and Commander” with Russell Crowe which garnered him an Oscar nomination for Best Motion Picture

samuel l goldwynThis is Samuel’s father , the legendary Samuel Goldwyn , the President of the classic film company Metro Goldwyn Mayer or MGM . It’s nice to know that this Hollywood legacy is still alive today thanks to Samuel’s grandchildren.

end pictureSamuel Goldwyn Jr. 1926-2015



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