Its Us Vs Them in Bravo’s First Scripted Series” Girlfriends Guide to Divorce”

girlsfriend guide on divroceHollywood is a not reality no matter how many times you walk down the Walk of Fame only to be accosted by super heroes in costume who are aspiring actors just trying to survive or be discovered. Television has tried to capture that Hollywood image with shows like “Starter Wife” and “Private Practice” as well as many of Jackie Collins novels. That image includes trophy wives shopping on Rodeo and bitter wars with the younger girlfriend of your husband. Bravo has been known for pushing the envelope and its new series “Girlfriends Guide to Divorce” is no exception. It’s wildly sinful delicious and hilarious.

“Girlfriends Guide to Divorce” is based on the wildly successful book series by Vicki Iovine. The series developed by Marti Noxon takes the successful author, Abby McCarthy. Abby has made her fortune writing self help books. She is sarcastically and hilariously played by Lisa Edelstein. Edelstein was last seen as the temporary partner , Rachel McCord on “Castle” last season when Beckett was in Washington. In her forties, she is faced with the number one malady in Hollywood , finding out your husband has a young girlfriend. Paul Adelstein of “Prison Break” , “Private Practice ” and now “Scandal” is Jake her soon to be ex husband. Jake has been fooling around with a young actress on the CW which endears him to his teenage daughter. Abby is fine until she has a breakdown at one of her book signings. She claims that she knows nothing about nothing and is a failure because her perfect marriage is ending. Then her book publisher informs her that she must invent herself. This introduces her to the wonderful world of vibrators and affairs with a married lover.

Gal power is her salvation in this modern Hollywood fairy tale. Janeane Garafalo of “Reality Bites” Duane Hopwood” (my favorite indie movie) and “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion” is her typical sardonic self as Lyla. When Lyla goes into school and tears apart the principal of the high faootin Beverly Hills school for yelling at her for missing a meeting because of work, she lets her have it and you can’t stop from cheering. Lyla is herself a divorcee and a high powered entertainment lawyer whose hubby had her pay for a dominatrix. Another of her friends is the typical Hollywood divorcee, Phoebe Wells. a former model. She is played by Beau Garrett.

This is sure a great warmer up as you sit and look out your window to  zero temperatures. You can cure that pesky SADD by watching a show that takes place in the land of sunshine and fantasy. Noxon claims that the series is based on real life people she knows. Names please?

Girlfriends Guide to Divorce airs on Bravo.

 paul and lisaIts the happy family at school? Jake  and Abby try to define their new relationship as a family

lisa edelsteinLisa ‘s last big role was when she was the temporary partner when Beckett tried her hand in Washington on ABC hit “Castle” here she is with star Stana Katic

leo and sally Paul was the hapless internet Romeo “Coop” on “Private Practice” now he prowls the White House as fixer Leo Bergen on “Scandal” . Here he is with the former Vice President , Sally Langston, (Kate Burton)


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