Hail to the Chief ! TV and Movie Portrayals of the President

 presidential logoWith great television shows and movies depicting the behind the scenes of Washington, we decided to compile a list of our favorite Commander in Chiefs…

martin-sheenMartin Sheen as Josiah Bartlett on the Aaron Sorkin classic “The West Wing” Bartlett was a sage philosopher and political genius . It was also where we saw actors like Allison Janney of “Mom” and Josh Molina of “Scandal”

trumanGary Sinise , one of the founder’s of Steppenwolf played Harry S Truman in an HBO movie “Truman” Coincidentally , another future television President would be in this movie as well, Tony Goldwyn

primary colorsJohn Travolta won critical acclaim portraying  an unnamed candidate that is speculated to be Bill Clinton in “Primary Colors” The late Larry Hagman appeared in this movie as his opponent

cliff barnesKen Kercheval played the President twice. Once as James Madison in “The Adams Chronicles ” and the second time was in the final episode of the original “Dallas” as JR saw that if he would never have been born Cliff would have been President

night at the museumOne of the last roles that Robin Williams played was his beloved “Teddy ” Roosevelt in “the Night at the Museum ” series. Here he is pictured with Ben Stiller

morgan freeman deep impactMorgan Freeman has played the Almighty and he has also played President in the movie “Deep Impact”

swing vote kelsey grammerKelsey Grammer best known as “Frasier” played in the movie “Swing Vote” as the President

chasing liberty mark harmonMark Harmon of “NCIS” also played the Chief  Executive in “Chasing Liberty” Piven alum and star of the upcoming “Entourage” movie Jeremy Piven was a Secret Service agent

william-devane-jfkWilliam Devane has played the President on “24” and also in this classic television drama he played JFK in the “Missiles of October”

dempseyLong before he was breaking hearts and opening brains, Patrick Dempsey played JFK in” JFK Reckless Youth”

 selleck-bald-eisenhowerTom Selleck currently is on “Blue Bloods” here he is as Dwight D Eisenhower

michael-douglas640Michael Douglas is the “American President”

mars attacksJack Nicholson showed the President’s funny side in “Mars Attacks” His” President” had to deal with terrorizing aliens

josh-brolin-w_1004893cJosh Brolin stands out as the former President, George W Bush, in “W”

independence-day-bpullman_lBill Pullman played the President in “Independence Day”

holbrooklincolnHal Holbrook , television and theatre actor portrayed the sixteenth President , Abraham Lincoln . He is also known for portraying Mark Twain.

harrison-ford-in-airforce-oneHarrison Ford takes command in “Air Force One”

geena-davis80586Geena Davis played the”Commander in Chief” on the former  ABC series of the same name

chris-rock-head-of-stateChris Rock  hilariously plays the President in “Head of State” Tamala Jones of “Castle” plays his girlfriend in the movie

jamie-foxx-white-house-downOscar winner Jamie Foxx is a bad ass Chief Executive in “White House Down”

constance goodrd stae of affairsAlfre Woodard is a President who wants answers in “State of Affairs” as Constance Payton

kate burton as vp sally langstonKate Burton first was the tough surgeon mother of Ellen Pompeo on “Grey’s Anatomy” then she became VP who was President for a short term on Shonda Rhimes mega hit “Scandal” – Sally Langston

lieb shriebr johnson“The Butler” provided many actors opportunities to portray famous Presidents. Here is “Ray Donovan” himself Liev Shrieber as Lyndon B Johnson

james marsden jfkJames Marsden was Prince Charming in “Enchanted” and Liz Lemon’s husband on “30 Rock” here he is as JFK

john cusack as nixonPiven graduate John Cusack played Nixon

anthony hopkins as nixonand Anthony Hopkins played Tricky Dicky as well in “Nixon”

kevin spaceyKevin Spacey has really been making waves as President Frank Underwood on the Netflix sensation “House of Cards” . He just recently won a SAG award and Golden Globe for the series that returns in February

hot tonyHere is my personal favorite for television President ..he is charming, troubled ,and sexy … “Scandal” ‘s President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant the third … Tony Goldwyn


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