TV’s Sexiest Men


People Magazine releases  sexiest man alive issue every year and it made us think who do we find sexy? We have composed our own list. The Sexiest men currently on TV! You will find doctors, cops, lawyers, a writer and more! Check it out see who you’d agree with!


SeverideThe first to top our list is a sexy firefighter! Taylor Kinney plays the smokin hot Kelly Severide on NBC’s “Chicago Fire”. Severide battles fires as well as personal demons. What woman wouldn’t want to be rescued by him!

shirtless-halstead Jesse Lee Soffer plays Chicago police officer Jay Halstead who recently got romantically with fellow officer Erin Lindsay. With a body like that women would line up to be frisked by him!

don-draperJon Hamm brings life to sexy Don Draper on AMC’s “Mad Men which is i it’s 7th and final season. Drinking and adultery never looked so good!

mcgarret-and-danoScott Caan and Alex O’Loughlin have quite the bromance as McGarrett and Danno on CBS’s “Hawaii 50.”

voice-boys They say its about the competition but we say its about the hot coaches! Adam Levine and Blake Shelton are two of the coaches on NBC’s “The Voice” these sexy crooners melt ladies hearts everywhere.

Castle yumNathan Fillion has played many roles such as a Buchanan boy on the daytime soap “One Life to Live” and a Captain on “Firefly” but his sexiest role is on ABC’s “Castle” as mystery writer Richard Castle he finally won over his muse Detective Kate Beckett with his sexy good looks. Castle went missing but Kate never gave up her man was found and now they’re finally husband and wife. Who wouldn’t want to marry this ruggedly handsome and sexy man!

EspoJon Huertas is sexy Latino detective Javier Esposito on ABC’s “Castle” he has an arresting smile and amazing singing voice too!

PotusTony Goldwyn plays President Fitzgerald Grant on ABC’s “Scandal” Looking at him shirtless you’d never guess this sexy Potus is almost 55 years old!  There’s nothing sexier or steamier than watching him bed the beautiful Olivia Pope. If only we could all be Ms. Pope right ladies!

JokeScott Foley’s Jake Ballard on ABC’s “Scandal” is hated by Olitzers everywhere including us, but  come on admit it ladies Scott is a hottie!

greys-hottiesPatrick Dempsey, Justin Chambers and Jesse Williams are the sexy doctors of Sloan Grey Memorial on ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” Dr. Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd, Dr. Alex Karev and Dr. Jackson Avery would make any lady swoon! Anyone need a physical if any of them are doing it then yes please!!

KevinMcKiddKevin McKidd plays another hottie at Grey Sloan Memorial. Dr. Owen Hunt who’s lady love recently left. He’s former military with a temper but his heart s gold.

Deacon   Charles Esten plays sexy guitarist  Deacon Claybourne on ABC’s “Nashville” Deacon has tangled himself quite a web with Rayna he recently found out he fathered her oldest daughter Maddie and now Rayna was set to marry Luke bu left him at the alter. Des this mean her heart still belongs to Deacon? Hell with his good looks and incredible voice who’d blame her!

Averybarkley2Jonathan Jackson got his start playing Luke and Laura’s young son on ABC’s “General Hospital” he grew up mighty fine! As Avery Barkley on ABC’s “Nashville” h is a sexy singer/song writer who recently wed his Juliette Barnes and they will soon have a baby girl.

KUNAL-NAYYAR  Kunal Nayyar plays quiet nerd who once was unable to talk to women Rajesh “Raj” Koothrappali on CBS’s “Big Bang Theory” He makes geeky sexy!

Ashton-Kutcher-Ashton Kutcher played pot smoking idiot Michael Kelso on  “That 70′ s Show” now his sexiness shines through as billionaire Walden Schmidt on CBS’s “Two and a Half Men” which will be ending it’s run in a few weeks.


Eric Dane first made ladies hearts flutter when he played the late Mark “McSteamy” Sloan on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy. Now he’s wearing a different uniform as Naval Captain Tom Chandler on TNT’s “Th Last Ship” He’s McSteamy in any uniform!

GraysonJosh Hopkins plays sexy Grayson Ellis on TBS’s “Cougar Town” which will end this season after 6 seasons. Grayson owns Gray’s Bar and is married to Jules Cobb he’s romantic sweet and goofy a gret sexy combo!

ChandlerMatthew Perry is best know for playing Chandler Bing on NBC’s “Friends” This sexy guy is making a TV comback this February on CBS’s remake of “The Odd Couple” as Oscar Madison. He’s make being messy sexy!

Shemer MooreShamar Moore plays sexy FBI agent Derek Morgan on CBS’s “Criminal Minds” Shamar has made ladies drool since his days on Daytime tv!

Chris-ODonnellChris O’Donnell made Robin sexy in the 90’s in Batman&Robin now he makes women’s hearts race as G.Callen on CBS’s “NCIS Los Angeles”


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