Celebrating Our Favorite Gladiator! Happy Birthday Kerry

kerry happy birthdayIt’s a special day because Kerry Marisa Washington was born today 38 years ago. Kerry is a very special woman . She is strong, caring, and super talented. We love Kerry and her character Olivia so much because she represents what we want as women. They are strong and fearless. They also are loved . Kerry is loved by her cast and crew and Olivia is loved by her gladiators, Cyrus, Jake,and most of all Fitz.

Kerry started in the Bronx when she was born to her parents Valerie and Earl Washington on January 31,1977. Kerry started to act when she was young . She had made her first appearance in the feature film, “Our Song” Shortly after she made the critically acclaimed “Save the Last Dance” . From there she went on to appear in such movies as “Mr. and Mrs Smith,” “Fantastic Four “The Last King of Scotland” , and the Oscar winning film “Ray” as Jamie Foxx’s wife. Along with movies, Kerry has appeared on television in such series as “Boston Legal” “Law and Order SVU” and “Psych” before “Scandal” She made her Broadway debut at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre in David Mamet’s “Race” with James Spader, David Alan Grier, and Richard Thomas of “The Waltons” in 2009.

It was the year 2011 that changed her life forever. The acclaimed actress became a household word when she was cast by “Grey’s Anatomy” ‘s Shonda Rhimes for the part of Olivia Pope in “Scandal” Pope is a political fixer who fixes problems of the rich and famous. The irony is she is involved in a scandal that if it was revealed would rock the country. She is the girlfriend of the very married President . Their love story is one of the modern classics of television. (See in Televisions’s Hottest Couples) The show has opened many doors and in April 2014 she gave birth to her daughter, Isabelle. “Scandal” has garnered her many awards and nominations , most notably two Emmy nominations, two SAG awards nominations , and a Golden Globe nomination. She remains the first African American female to lead a series since 1974 until this year with “How To Get Away With Murder” with Viola Davis.

So to you Kerry , this gladiator raises her glass of red wine and gives a toast to you on your birthday


kerry as a little girlNever guess this little girl would grow up and rock the Red Carpet .

save the last danceHere is one of Kerry ‘s early roles in the movie “Save the Last Dance”

ray kerryHere is she is in the Oscar winning film “Ray” as the wife of Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles

kerry in mr and mrs smithHere she is in the movie “Mr and Mrs Smith” with Angelina Jolie

django unchained Here she is in the acclaimed “Django Unchained” with Samuel L Jackson directed by Quentin Tarantino .

law and order svuKerry was on several television series . Here is her appearance on “Law and Order SVU”

cast picture season 4Here is Kerry with her cast in the current season of “Scandal” from l to r Bellamy Young, Darby Stanchfield, Jeff Perry, Tony Goldwyn, Kerry, Scott Foley,Joshua Malina, Katie Lowes, Guillermo Diaz

kerry and tonyPerhaps Kerry ‘s closest friend in the “Scandal” family is some time director and her leading man , Tony Goldwyn. This is one of the famous selfies . Kerry and her cast are one of the few shows that remain loyal to their fans on social media especially Twitter.

kerry in time magazineHappy Birthday to our Gladiator , Kerry Washington  from Chitownstarconnections


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