TV’s Most Passionate Kisses

Beach sceneIt’s Valentine ‘s time again and this time we salute television’s most passionate couples. Either brought together by fate or riders of love’s roller coasters, these couples bring passion to the small screen. We  have included some new ones and old ones so enjoy

 moonlightingMoonlighting’s Maddie and David bantered and bickered until this moment. This is when the fighting ended and the lovin started.  Glass was broke and furniture was wrecked when these two let loose.

mondler's kiss“FRIENDS” set the standard for romance in the nineties. Friends became lovers when Monica and Chandler slept together for the first time in London.  Here they are in Vegas when they decide to get married after a crap game.

lobster kissBut the couple that first captured America’s hearts was Ross and Rachel.  Forced to choose between Julie and Rachel, Ross comes to his senses for their first kiss.  It was in the rain and it was hot.

er kiss“ER” gave us the first McDreamy in Clooney’s Doug Ross. The love of his life was Carol Hathaway (The Good Wife) Julianna Marguiles. Carol let Doug go and she stayed in Chicago to have his babies.  But true love prevailed and Carol ran to Seattle to be with Doug.

meredith and derek proposalWhen  Meredith returned to Seattle , she had no idea that she would find true love. She found it in the guise of the dreamy Derek Shepherd. He decided to propose in the elevator where so many kisses had taken place.  Amid the many brain scans, she said yes.

calzona kissIt took a shooting spree in Seattle Grace to bring these two girls to their senses. Calliope and Arizona are two smart women who got married and have an adorable little girl named Sophie. They have her thanks to their late friend, Mark

mark and lexi kiss

These two are now united together in eternity. Dr Mark Sloane and Dr Lexi Grey.


She was hit by an icicle and Cupid’s arrow at the same time..Grey’s hasn’t been the same since Cristina left Owen . It’s Dr Cristina Yang and Dr. Owen Hunt

1x20_deacon_raynaThey made beautiful music together until his boozing tore them apart. She then married another man and raised their child together. Leaving Luke at the altar , she was free to return to the love of her life.But is it too late for “Nashville’s Deacon and Rayna.

juliette and avery nashville They finally found love together and are having a baby. It’s finally a happy ending for Juliette and Avery on “Nashville”

casey and dawsonThey heat up Chicago more than the fires they fight together.It’s Casey and Dawson on “Chicago Fire”

halstead and lindsayPartners becomes lovers …it’s the very hot Halsted and Lindsay of “Chicago PD”

Finn-and-Rachel-kiss,-1_2It’s a very sad tale in real life as well when Cory Monteith and Lea Michele had planned to get married and he turned  up dead.They were the nerd and the jock on “Glee” as Rachel and Finn

brittany and santana kissBrittany and Santana were two cheerleaders in love on “Glee”

kurt and blaine gleeTwo boys who can’t keep their love a secret . But is that love doomed? Here’s hoping for “Glee’s” Kurt and Blaine

bones-and-castle_161455_1He needed a muse for his writing , so he decided to tag along with an NYPD detective. In the end , Kate fell in love with Rick and now they are a married couple. Is a baby also in the future for Richard Castle and Kate Beckett Castle?

Esplanie-esplanie-28235577-460-340It’s on again and off again for the lovers of the 12th on “Castle” . It’s Lainie and Esposito

shamy kissLove can come to nerds too. That is why we love this couple. Amy has been more than patient with Sheldon and finally last Valentines’ they kissed. Wonder when the next step will happen on “The Big Bang Theory”

the-big-bang-theory-penny-and-leonardIt started out as the nerd and the hot girl , now Leonard and Penny have matured enough to be engaged. It’s the story of the actress and the physicist on “BBT”

abby-david-rosenShe started out to use him and then they realized they were in love. I hope this isn’t the end of “Scandal”s Abby and David.

3x14-james-and-cy-kissingThese two met on the “Trail ” and then married. On a regular basis , they battled in the halls of the White House while harboring nasty secrets. Sadly, while digging to find the truth James was shot. He will always be the great love of his life no matter what. We can’t get enough of James and Cyrus on”Scandal.”

S4_E8_010_-_Andrew-MelliePower was the aphrodisiac that destroyed this couple . Andrew Nichols was going to be Vice President. He had been in love with Mellie for years while he served as her husband ‘s lt governor and then he swept the First Lady off her feet. They heated up the White House until he went too far. Andrew and Mellie of “Scandal”

huck and quinn kiss

Blood turns this couple on and when they get together, it is usually murder . The couple that tortures together stays together like Quinn and Huck of “Scandal”

olivia and fitzBut the most passionate couple on television is the Fixer and the President. Fitz and his Livvy used to not be able to  keep their hands off each other. Their love is so powerful that he went to war for her and built a.  house for them. Let’s hope there is a happy ending for Olivia and Fitzgerald on “Scandal”


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