You Always Hurt the One You Love

scandal castOkay gladiators breathe deep after that ending. Note: if you haven’t seen tonights thrilling ride . Major spoilers ahead!!! Shonda , GIRL! we need to talk. But first, my take on tonight’s episode.

Olivia started the hour out still as a hostage as the world criminals continued the bidding after Iran backed out. All of Washington was at work trying to rescue her. The most exciting part was seeing the Chief Executive hard at work planning a strategic attack for rescue for the person Cyrus described as his heart. Retribution came fast and furious to the Vice President when  he got “Hucked” . Elizabeth turned her back on her accomplice and the result was a stroke. Mellie called his the  bluff.

Abby has earned her gladiatorship back. All she wanted to do was help Olivia and she did the ultimate thing. She called an old friend and he ended up being the hero who rescued her.Henry Ian Cusick made a triumph return as Stephen Finch, former original gladiator. He became the MVP of the episode when he led the charge to bring to her to freedom.

The most heartbreaking moment came at the end of the show. Olivia was safely back in her apartment with her gladiators . Huck and her had a very tender moment. I always felt that of all of the gladiators she had the closest bond with Huck  and he is definitely the one to trust with her life. I think my heart jumped out of my body when we heard that voice say “Liv”  Like most of you thought, I was holding my chest and preparing for the happy ending. This was it and then in two minutes, Shonda Rhimes made everyone hate Olivia Pope and want to hug Fitz.

Shonda , why do you want your couples so unhappy? You broke up Callie and Arizona . You made Derek leave Seattle for DC. You killed Jackson and April’s baby. You caused Abby to cheat with Leo and broke David Rosen’s heart. You sent Olivia away with Jake when Fitz needed her most. You had Cyrus almost marry a hooker when he was still mourning James. We thought that Mellie had finally found love with Andrew and you had him two time her with Lizzie Bear. Now you are pairing up Owen with Amelia and basically throwing  Vermont away. People on line are saying they hate Olivia and putting up pictures of the house in Vermont in flames. Well I am a gladiator and will stay one. I know this isn’t the endgame and I will remain faithful.

Next week: there will be no gladiator report because of the two hour “How To Get Away With Murder” Scandal returns March 5


andrewThanks to Huck , Andrew had a stroke .He promised Quinn there would be no more killing.

what the hellIs this the end of the dream? Olivia tears into Fitz and throws the ring back at him

stephen finchIt wasn’t Jake or Fitz, it was original gladiator , Stephen Finch who saved her. He certainly changed and it is a shame that he couldn’t stick around . He could have given Rosen and Leo a run for their money for Abby.


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