Moniqua Has the Desire To Inspire

Moniqua Plante - jpeg

Television is filled with strong female characters and the ABC hit “Nashville” is no exception. These are women who have it all. They are mothers, business women and hit makers. They also know how to stand on their own against their men. Story lines are peppered with a country sound and no city since “Dallas” has been more identified with a location than “Nashville.” The city, with its great music, can definitely be described as a character on the show.

Today I had the pleasure to chat with one of the stars of “Nashville,”  Moniqua Plante. Moniqua plays “Natasha” the love interest of “Mayor, Teddy Conrad.”  Moniqua had nothing but good things to say about her fellow castmates. She counts herself very fortunate to work alongside talented people like Connie Britton, Hayden Panettierre, and Charles Esten. As for Eric Close, her leading man, Moniqua told me that she was originally cast for only three episodes. But, she also said, “The chemistry between Eric as Teddy and me as Natasha has been incredible. He is so giving and he is very easy to work with. I’m actually flying back this week to shoot some more scenes with him.” And about spoilers between the hooker and the Mayor? Moniqua laughed and said that even she doesn’t know what’s next in the plot.

Since “Natasha” was introduced by Jeff, Moniqua sees the relationship as “doomed.” But she also thinks that their story is far from over. “Teddy is in search of true love. He is looking for something real.” That’s why she is sure that she is not the one for Teddy. Their relationship is a secret that Jeff is holding over Teddy’s head. Secrets like these are reminiscent of the grand old era of night time soaps that fuel television shows like “Nashville.”

Moniqua admitted that she also likes the strength that her character has and said, “These are all women who have strength and like that. These are the kind of roles that I gravitate toward.” And she said, ”Callie Khouri, (the show creator) is well known for characters like that.”

Acting isn’t the only thing on her plate. Moniqua was quite excited about a script that she is working on with a partner. She explained that it was a full length comedy. Plus, Moniqua has also gone back to school to get her degree in holistic nutrition which remains her other true passion. She told me that it was her desire to teach people how to keep their bodies healthy and make people feel good inside and out.

But with the popularity of her character on “Nashville,” I have a feeling this isn’t the last we will hear of Ms. Plante. Her star is definitely on the rise.


Teddy-Natasha-CMAs1Here is Moniqua with her leading man, Eric Close who plays Mayor Teddy Conrad


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