Report Card for How to Get Away With Murder

how-to-get-away-w-murder-castOkay! the first season of HTGWM has just ended. Wow ! what a ride. We all have been accustomed to Ms Shonda Rhimes way of keeping you guessing. She moves her shows with such a fast pace that true fans of her shows have to watch the show twice just to catch up with the plots. You try to figure out the plot and then she does something to completely blow your mind. HTGWM is a show that follows the SR formula.

What a sad ending to Annalise’s husband. It was the fuel of the first season . I never realized that Sam was such a rat and how much he used women . He took advantage of every woman he was with. Annalise came to him while he was still married and they begun an affair. She came out of need after being raped by a member of her own family. Lila was the same way . She ended up falling in love with the professor and then pregnant with his child. Sam proved to be a dangerous man.It’s a shame she had to be hurt by men again.

Never in a million years did I guess it was Frank. Yes , he did seem creepy. But I had no idea that he would prove to be the one who did murder Lila. Now I wonder what is it that Sam held over his head to make him do the deed. Frank and Bonnie seem to have problems.Maybe next season, we will find out what history that Frank and Sam have together. I have to admit that I kind of had a bias against Bonnie from the former role she played. Liza Keil was introduced on “Scandal” as Amanda Tanner, the woman who slept with the President. I figured if she did that , then her character on this show probably wasn’t that innocent either.

The most integral part of the show is the “kids” Like the “gladiators” or the staff on “Grey’s Anatomy” , they work together as a team. The difference with these kids is that Annalise pitted them against each other in a contest, yet they still functioned as a unit. Each of these young kids were changed by this whole internship. Some lost loves and others gained loves. Connor and his lover became another Shondaland gay couple. It was heartbreaking when he found out that about his HIV status and the two men held each other. Ultimately though, the “interns” were bounded together as they covered up the accidental death of Sam.

Viola Davis obviously wins the “A’ for her portrayal of the tough, tortured law professor. She has spent most of award season taking the laurels for the gritty show. Others who should be lauded for their performances include Tom Verica.  Just like another Shondaland fixture, Tom has spent a career doing various roles , directed, and now has become a household name for his role. I certainly hope that we haven’t seen the last of Sam. The saga is far from over. Cicely Tyson should also be noted for her performance as Annalise’s mother. One of the best lines from the season was “I am a VP. She came from my V and her father’s P”. It was truly memorable.

 Maybe now that the season has ended for this Freshman hit. Shonda can turn her attention back to her other shows. I know myself and a lot of fans are waiting for that.

Grade A.

viola-davis-how-to-get-away-with-murderAnnalise Keating addresses her class before she chooses her firm’s interns. Viola Davis is intense as the lawyer professor


sam and annaliseHere is the stellar adult cast of HTGWM  featuring Davis , Tom Verica, Liza Weil , and Charlie Weber.Weil  formerly played Amanda Tanner on “Scandal” and her real life husband, Paul Adelstein plays Leo Bergen on the Shondaland show.

penis on a dead girls phoneWe were treated to a lot of great quotes this season. One of the most shocking ones was when Annalise picked up Sam’s phone and uttered “What is your penis doing on a dead girl’s phone”

natural hairOne of the trademark scenes was when Annalise took off her make up and ripped off her wig showing her character’s real self .

KARLA SOUZA, AJA NAOMI KING, ALFRED ENOCH, JACK FALAHEEThese four students were part of the cover up of Sam’s death. Who knows what trouble they will get into in Season 2?


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