The Return of the “Fixer”



Tonight was a milestone episode that Shonda should be proud of. After all of the nonsense of the kidnapping, our show returned to what it once was. All cast members should be applauded for their performances. Only one of our gladiators didn’t really perform at par. Was I the only one who applauded when Olivia blew off Jake?

Ripped from the headlines , Olivia was back to her game. She started out as a fixer for the DC cops and instead helped someone get justice. It also allowed Olivia to question her own beliefs. She may be living in Washington DC, but she has led a privileged life as an African American. She wears designer clothes and carries a Prada. The one man even questioned the fact that she knew the Attorney General. Olivia joined the side of the wronged father when she had her gladiators “Quinn ” and “Huck” examine the tape of the shooting. Once again, it was a case of profiling because of race. Kerry Washington ‘s performance was right on point tonight. Once again, David was the one to notice Olivia’s breakdown  Her shaky hands and crying gave him the right to concern. David and her may have been at odds through the years, but it is obvious that David cares a great deal about her.

Meanwhile at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the order of the day is finding a new VP since Andrew is out of the picture. It seems that this whole affair has made Fitz and Mellie partners. She went to bat with Andrew for him and now he has assured her that she has his support in her bid for the White House. The two vet a candidate that they know has no chance in hell of getting elected when his term is over. Now Mellie knows where his heart lies, so don’t think that there will be a Mellitz reunion. People may have thought that there was no sign of the fixer and the President reuniting tonight, but consider this. When Olivia brought Clarence into the Oval , she stood there and didn’t leave. She watched with tenderness as the two fathers embraced. Both of them have grieved the death of a son. I dare any gladiator to not have tears in their eyes when they watched this heartwarming scene.

olivia and copShe started out helping out the DC police until she saw the injustice of it all. Then she took the side of the wronged father. Leading a privileged life, made her realize how blacks had been treated even this close to the Capitol and White House.

Mr and Mrs GrantBellamy Young’s “Mellie” has announced her plans for the Presidency . Since she seduced the VP to help Fitz with Olivia, now Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) is willing to help her with her dream. No they are not in love, they just want to see each other happy. She knows where his heart is.

IMG_20150306_002149Here is two fathers who have lost their son. Olivia knew someone that would be able to sympathize with Clarence and share his grief, the love of her life. She looks on as the two men share their grief




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