Huck Spills the Beans

cast picture season 4

Gladiators wow what a week it’s been. I got a special treat at the beginning of it. I got the pleasure of meeting one of the “gladiators” . At a luncheon for Steppenwolf Theatre, I met our “Chief of Staff” that’s right, I got the distinct pleasure of a brief chat with Jeff Perry. I can’t tell you how cool it was to be standing next to the man who has the pulse of President Grant. What was even cooler was that during live tweet tonight, Jeff retweeted my tweet. So for all you good gladiators , just wait you will get your chance.

Oh Liv! what is it going to take to make you realize that you have the best man of all? Marla Gibbs returned tonight as Olivia tried to help her find her friend that was killed to cover up her kidnapping. It turns out that the two were more than friends, they were lovers. Hearing the woman telling the story of her love and waiting for the woman she loved, Olivia had some flashbacks. With the exception of one Jake scene, her mind flashed back to the man she loves. But alas , still no Olitz. Shonda we’re waiting and we are not the only ones. I had to laugh when Fitz screamed “The President doesn’t beg.” Oh yeah, well after that little scene , they showed that Congress had approved Susan Ross and then she was being swore in as VP .  We know who Fitz listens to….

But the gladiators have been busy too. Jake seems to be still hanging around OPA. Huck’s wife has brought the B613 files forward and Huck had to testify about its existence . It resulted in one of Guillermo Diaz’s best performances ever. It looks like Kim is happy and wants Huck back into her and Javi’s life. But does this mean the end of Huckleberry Quinn? Abby has shown Leo who has the power and he likes it.

Lena Dunham of “Girls” comes to visit on next week’s show . She is the First Lady’s sis and she is writing a tell all book on sis, her brother in law and all the goings on in the White House. Will she really spill all the beans about all the affairs in the Capitol?

GUILLERMO DIAZ, SCOTT FOLEY, JOSHUA MALINAWe found out tonight that Huck ‘s real name is Diego Munoz? Are the gladiators safe or is his testimony going to kill them all?{ Guillermo Diaz, Scott Foley, and Joshua Malina }

Screenshot_2015-03-13-01-24-41-1-1After hearing Rose going on about her love for Lois and how she waited twenty years for it, Olivia sits down and ponders her own situation.


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