Twists and Turns In the Lyons Den!

empire-foxWow ! For the show not being a Shonda show, there was certainly enough twists and turns for two  . I was relieved to know that Lucius is not dying, Terrence has taken this character and made it is his own. He has managed to alienate every one of his family. He has now seen his dream of Empire going public come to fruition. Unfortunately, he has also finally had to pay his dues for so many crimes. Guest stars filled the Empire roster last night. Jennifer Hudson was adorable as the gospel singer who made Andre see the light and the other feature was the legendary Patti LaBelle.

The biggest shock was when Lucius had made his decision of which son would take over. Jamal is obviously the most talented and with Cookie’s leadership (when he forgives her) will take Empire into the future . Will Lucius and the public  be able to tolerate Jamal’s gay lifestyle? Andre and his bride are expecting so there will be another Lyon soon. Andre (Trai Byers) wouldn’t make a good candidate for the CEO because of the unpredictability of his illness and his decision to not take his medicine anymore. Hakeem (Bryshere Gray) is obviously not mature enough to handle that much responsibility as well. He also has a lot of mother issues because of Cookie’s incarceration. This explains his dallyings with older women, including Boo Boo Kitty , Anika. Jussie Smollett takes the prize for his music and soulful voice. I got a chance to listen to  the Empire soundtrack and he shines . (Coming up my critique of Season One Soundtrack.) His voice is full of soul and reminds of the greats from Motown.

Taraji P Henson wins the prize for tapping into the spirit of the grande dames of the eighties. Her fight with  Anika was reminiscent of the fights that Alexis and Krstyle had on “Dynasty.”But Cookie also has been in prison and is also one tough ghetto bitch, Nika hasn’t . You knew it was going to come down to this.  Cookie definitely is looking for revenge especially when she found out that Lucius had killed Bunky. She also let it slip when Lucius caught her trying to smother him with the pillow. He got the last laugh, or so he thought.

Now we don’t have the whole summer, we have way into next year to wait.  Can’t wait until the DVD rolls out , and also you can watch the show on HULU.

cookie and booboo kittyIt just got real bitches! Cookie and Boo Boo Kitty get it on!

empire goes publicJamal takes the Empire into the next level at the NYSE

EmpireLucius gifts his sons and then tells them he isn’t dying. He also lets Cookie know he knows about her attempted murder of him by giving her a miniature pillow.

game time bitchesLucius has been abandoned by his whole family . But its game time bitches. Lucius survives and lives to tell.


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