Love Returns Finally. . . to the Capitol

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If you are a true gladiator like I am, you are still cheering tonight’s episode. It reminded me of Season 2 , which I consider the best season of the series. It had a great storyline and contained flashbacks of our favorites. It showed a lot of back story and answered important questions about the two most important relationships in the show. It also gave Olitz fans hope.

Mellie has started her run for the White House , but I think that working with Lizzie Bear is a mistake. She should take a book from her husband’s playbook and have Liv run her campaign. It worked before. Michael has been a bad boy and played around at a gay bar in DC. As a result, Cyrus and him will have to get married. But the episode also had a lot of tender and sentimental moments as well. Bravo to the return of the fabulous Kate Burton as Right wing lovin Sally Langston. She showed that you can’t keep a lunatic down and went after the White House with her talk show. You could only laugh at her and her antics. (Hey didn’t she forget it was Cyrus who helped her cover up murdering her husband?)

Jeff Perry definitely was the MVG tonight. (Most Valued Gladiator) . Cyrus was definitely in conflict about his upcoming nuptials and that resulted in some great flashbacks. We finally got to see some history of Cyrus and his relationships. This would be his third marriage.His first wedding resulted in one of the worst toupees ever seen on television. Emily Bergl of “Shameless” was introduced as Janet, Cyrus’s heterosexual wife. Janet represented normality and everything that his Republican party stands for. It was charming to see the interaction between him and his wife. We also saw the end of the Bean marriage when she realized her husband was gay. Another treat was the return of the well loved and definitely missed Dan Buckatinsky as James Novak. It made me sad to see how this marriage tragically ended and how it was stillobvious how much he was still loved. Cast members and fans alike tweeted how much they loved and missed him tonight. But another couple was spotlighted with the James and Cyrus story as well, the iconic couple of “Scandal” Olivia and Fitz.

Recently the “Scandalous”lovers haven’t been so cozy. They have acted more like exes. Olivia has been experiencing PTSD and been having nightmares and fantasies about her experience . In her dreams, it always goes back to one man and that is Fitz. Wem also were told the beautiful history of the “Ring”. Funny Shonda said a while ago,that it was just a ring. Tonight, we found out about that ring that Liv threw at Fitz. It started with James and Cyrus’ wedding and how Liv had just left the White House. Fitz gave her a beautiful story about how he couldn’t commit to her but wanted to give her this ring that belonged to his great grandmother from her  father.He told her he couldn’t give it to Mellie because something didn’t feel right to give it  to his wife. The ring was called  doux bebe or “sweet baby.” it was  bought it at auction. This was a treat for Olitz fans as we traveled back to the pilot and the real meaning of “Sweet Baby.” (The name of the first episode of the series) Olivia seemed to be getting back to her old form as she played fixer for her friend , Cyrus and put the spin on the gay White House wedding to beef up the First Lady’s political image.

The wedding went off with out a hitch, but not without some cold feet and the groom telling the groom he would be there for him and he wasn t  alone . Ella made an appearance as the flower girl . With Cyrus and Michael standing together, Olivia and Fitz eye each other with the passion that only they could have.Always the politician, he shakes some of the guests hands and then he sees it.  When she walks by, a smile comes to his face . She coyly smiles at him and he sees that his ring is back. There is hope…..

Next week: Jake goes loco…

Cyrus and JanetMr and Mrs Cyrus Beane … dig that crazy toupee His wife played by Emily Bergl

JamesCyrusWeddingThe true love of his life … James Novack played by the Emmy award winning Dan Buckatinsky

cyrus and michaelCyrus talks with his new husband Michael played by Matthew Del Negro


We not only got Cyrus flashbacks, but an Olitz one as well.  We learned the history of the ring and saw that Olivia had put it back on.

theringThe ring was called doux  bebe or sweet baby . It was bought at auction and it is an heirloom in the Grant family that Fitz couldn’t give to his wife, he was saving it for someone special. This little ring means there’s hope.


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