Like “House of Cards” and “Scandal” – You’ll Love MALICE by Liz Crokin


Here is a picture of the author at her book launch in Chicago atop of the Dana Hotel at Vertigo

 Lana has the life. She is a former political journalist who up until recently worked as a tabloid journalist for some of the biggest tabloids in the country. She is ready to embark on a story that could possibly expose the next President of the United States . She has also found the love of her life. Malden. In the midst of this budding romance there are ex wives, hookers, and a future President of the United States who has. some interesting sexual fetishes despite the fact he is happily married and a Mormon.

“Malice’ is a juicy page turner. It is also a political thriller and a sexual romp through Hollywood. It has scenes that will make you want to drink a glass of wine and then take a cold shower. The evil political games rival the Underwood White House and the sexual games rival the Grant one. If you love political dramas like “House of Cards” and “Scandal” like I do, go to Amazon . com and grab this hot read.




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