Biblical Stories in Movies and Television


To our Jewish friends a Happy Passover. In our faith, this is such a time of prayer and celebration. As a Christian, I have always associated Easter with the Biblical truths that I was brought up with. Easter also has a special significance to me as well. It is the Easter Vigil that was the first time that I took Holy Communion and was baptized into my Catholic faith. In honor of the Biblical  truths of this holiday, please enjoy this sampling of religious movies and television programs. One includes a King and a President…

ten commandments

 1956  The Ten Commandments – Northwestern Alum , Charlton Heston leads an all star cast as Moses, the man who led the Jews out of Egypt. The movie was a show of spectacle in the great tradition of Director, Cecil B DeMille.


1965 The Sound of Music- the Rogers and Hammerstein music is brought to the silver screen with Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer leading the cast. Angela Cartwright (for you sci fi fans Penny of “Lost in Space” ) was one of the Von Trapp children. Robert Wise ‘s direction swept the Oscars the following year and provided a classic that is aired yearly on television.

jesus 1999

Jesus 1999 Jeremy Sisto and Debra Messing – Debra Messing at this point was known as the gal pal of her gay friend “Will” on “Will and Grace” Here she was Mary Magdalene to Sisto’s Christ.  Today, Debra is on the show “The Mysteries of Laura”

the easter story the waltons

On the 70’s series , “The Waltons” Michele Learned contracts polio and is healed by the love of her family. She praises on Easter Sunday at the Sunrise service.  The two hour special was titled “The Easter Story.”

touched by an angel

 One of the biggest shows of the nineties was CBS “Touched by an Angel” It brought faith and Christian values back to a cynical world. Roma Downey, Della Reese, and the late Andrew Dye were a trio of angels sent to help make things right. I have fond memories of watching it with my late mother.

Thorn again … Jim Caviezel as Jesus in Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ (2004).

2004  The Passion of the Christ- Mel Gibson directed this controversial movie that was graphic in nature. Jim Caviezel played Christ

change of habit

1969  Change of Habit – Elvis Presley as a doctor and Mary Tyler Moore as a nun. There is lots of singing and romance in this drama. Mary worked for the first time with Ed Asner in this movie.

hamlet 2

2008 – Hamlet 2- Steve Coogan plays a failed drama teacher who writes this ridiculously funny parable of a modern day Christ. The big song of the movie will have you singing . “Rock Me Sexy Jesus.” Elizabeth Keener, David Arquette , and Elizabeth Shue star.

vejoshua 2

2002- “Joshua” A town sees a man who quite possibly might be Christ. When he is forced to leave , the town is forever changed. The man who would be Christ? It’s none other than President Grant of “Scandal”, Tony Goldwyn. His alter ego on the show hasn’t broken any more commandments than any one else on the show. I can think of adultery and murder at the top of the list.

 Happy Easter and Happy Passover from Chitownstarconnections


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