Guess Where You Saw Them Before – Scandal Edition

cast picture season 4

We found some great shots of your faves from Scandal…maybe now you might remember where you saw them before they were gladiators !

kerry in ray

Here is Kerry Washington in the Oscar winning movie “Ray” as Jamie Foxx’s wife….so prim and proper


Here she is gorgeous as ever as fixer and the love of the President, Olivia Pope

dan bucatinsky friends

Here is Dan Bucatinsky who played Cyrus’s husband James when he guest starred on “Friends” He was a waiter when the gang went out to celebrate Phoebe’s birthday. Dan also appeared on “Frasier” “Grey’s Anatomy ” “CSI Miami” and a blind date for Will on “Will and Grace”

Cyrus and James wedding

Dan won an Emmy for his portrayal of James. Here he appeared in a flashback in the recent episode “Put a Ring on It.”


Here is Jeff Perry  who plays Cyrus, the President’s Chief of Staff.Previously, he was known for his portrayal of Thatcher Grey, father to Meredith and the late Lexi Grey on “Grey’s Anatomy”  Jeff is also one of the founders of the world famous Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago.

A Family Affair

Bellamy Young was a love interest on “Criminal Minds” to Thomas Gibson ‘s character. She also appeared on “Castle”, “Private Practice,” “Frasier” “Scrubs” and many other series.

bellamy young scandal

Today she gives a phenomenal performance as the troubled First Lady , Mellie Grant.


Jon Tenney has been around as well. He starred in a movie with “Odd Couple’s”  Matthew Perry called “Fools Rush In” and also appeared on “Will and Grace.”  Today he plays two roles, The good cop , Fritz Howard on “Major Crimes”


Scandal fans will remember him most as Vice President Andrew Nichols. He was in love with Mellie but he let power take him over and was partly responsible for Olivia’s kidnapping.


Darby Stanchfield made quite an impression as the mother of Alexis and Richard’s first wife Meredith on “Castle” She has also appeared on “NCIS” and “Mad Men”


But here she is with her true love David Rosen as Press Secretary for President Grant. She is also Olivia’s best friend.


Joshua was previously on the classic “The West Wing” . He has also been seen on “The Big Bang Theory”, “Grey’s Anatomy” “Stargate SG 1” “Bones” and as a psycho child molester on “Law and Order SVU.” He is now the Attorney General of the US. Coincidentally he had previously worked with Tony Goldwyn in “From the Earth to the Moon.”

kate burton

Daughter of the late great Richard Burton, Kate Burton has made her mark on the stage as well as the big and little screens.She is best known for her role as Dr Ellis Grey on “Grey’s Anatomy” She also played mother to a young David Schwimmer on “Monty”


Here she is arguing with Cyrus as Vice President Sally Langston .


 It isn’t the first time that Scott Foley played a killer. He was the killer in “Scream 3″ .He has also appeared on “Felicity” “Grey’s Anatomy” “Scrubs” and “Cougar Town”

grant ballard

Now he plays Captain Jake Ballard , Navy buddy to Fitz and his romantic rival for Olivia’s affections.

guillermo in half baked

Guillermo Diaz  played a disgruntled stoner in the movie “Half Baked” He has appeared in many movies and tv shows like “ER” “Law and Order” “The Sopranos” “Third Watch” and a regular on “Weeds”


But he has shown his loyalty, finally reunited with his family, and continues to be Olivia’s gladiator. Huck seems to be torturing his friend and girlfriend “Quinn” played by Katie Lowes


Here is Katie Lowes when she guest starred on ABC’s other hit “Castle


Here is Columbus Short when he was aspiring comedy writer Darius Hawthorne on the late show “Studio 60 0n the Sunset Strip.”


Here he is as fixer Harrison Wright .. a gladiator in a suit

khandi alexander csi miami

Here is Khandi Alexander in her role of Dr Alexx Woods on “CSI Miami” Khandi was also in the acclaimed movie “What’s Love Got to Do With It” and “Poetic Justice” as well On TV she was on “News Radio” “A Different World’ and Peter Benton’s sister on “ER”


And here she is as the terrorist mother of Olivia Pope – Maya Pope / Marie Wallace


Joe Morton first came to our attention as the love interest of Whitley on “A Different World” He has also appeared on “M*A*S*H*” “Sanford and Son” , and many other shows and movies.


He won an Emmy for his portrayal of the evil, maniacal father of Olivia , Eli Pope

arrested development portia

Portia Di Rossi was known for Ally Mc Beal” and her role on “Arrested Development” She is also the wife of funny woman Ellen Degeneres.

lizzie bear

And this year , she has made her appearance as Elizabeth North, power woman of the RNC. “Lizzie Bear” has hitched herself to the new rising star , Mellie Grant

brian letscher  the wild rover castle

From “Pretty Little Liars” to “Castle” Brian Letscher usually plays a role that gives him range

brian letscher scandal

But on “Scandal” , his job as Secret Service agent Tom is to guard the President and all his nasty little secrets.

yeti friends

When Rachel on “Friends” needed to get over Ross, she found a Yeti named Danny. But then she dumped him because he took baths with his sister. George Newbern has had a long career from “Designing Women” to “Hot in Cleveland”. He also has done voice work ,including Superman.

George Newbern in ABC's "Scandal"

But he is now Cyrus’s guy and B-613 operative Charlie

and last but certainly not least


His career has been long. On TV he has done everything from “Designing Women” to “Frasier” as Roz’s hot boyfriend. In the movies, we never expected the evil Carl Bruner from “Ghost” to end up looking like this…

vermont is for lovers

Writer, director, producer, actor Tony Goldwyn plays the very sexy President Fitzgerald Grant , the true love of Olivia’s life. Tony has also voiced the voice of “Tarzan” in Disney’s “Tarzan”


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