Curtains for B613? Let’s Hope So!!!

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Have we all recovered yet? Well as per usual so much has happened. I wonder if Shonda knows how much she is torturing us between “Grey’s Anatomy” and this. ABC all week has been teasing us with talk of the end of Olitz and what most gladiators have been complaining about is about is not enough “Fitz” time. I agree , I certainly hope that Shonda realizes what she has before it is too late. She has some real first class actors like Tony and also Jeff Perry. You can’t get better acting than Jeff in “Put A Ring On It’ .

Now onto the show for tonight, Poppa Pope has shown his true colors once again. He doesn’t realize that in his quest to save the Republic he is losing a daughter. A paleontologist? I don’t think that Ross from “Friends” headed an organization of assassins and killers. Rowan needs to see that in a contest between him and Fitz, he will lose. I just wish we knew why Rowan harbors such a hatred for the President. The gladiators have finally joined together for one purpose – the end of B613. But God help them, someone is bound and determined to end them first. What was with Jake giving testifying about Operation Remmington? Doesn’t he know when you start fingering blame at the President what would happen?

Meanwhile on the Hill, The Grant administration is trying to push through a bill. For the first time, everyone is realizing that Susan Ross is no dummy. Mellie might just have a run for her money when it comes time to run for the Presidency. Speaking of that , Mellie is running for Senator. Will Grant be a winner again? I don’t care , just as long as Fitz is watching from his house in Vermont. Then all will be alright with me.

As the show ends, an assassin goes after Jake and kills him. Or do they?

papa pope

He’s back and he’s bad!!! Papa Pope (Joe Morton) realizes that Olivia is ready to take him down. But is she willing to destroy Fitz ?


 The road to the White House has begun for Mellie(Bellamy Young). But will that road end with her alone?


They toast to the end of B13 … the gladiators are united Guillermo Diaz, Katie Lowes, Kerry Washington, Scott Foley)


He tells the truth about Operation Remmington and then an unknown assailant comes in… RIP Jake? or not


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