Thanks For the Memories Patrick – A Tribute to McDreamy

title pic

They once called it Seattle Grace Mercy Death. Well tonight the Seattle hospital earned its name once again. Sadly one of the original cast members left in a flurry of controversy . Shonda dealt with the actor by killing off the beloved character of Dr Derek Christopher Shepherd played for all eleven seasons by Patrick Dempsey. All of America and the world is still in shock, but in true Shondaland tradition, Chitownstarconnections presents a tribute to Derek from the first time we saw him on our screens… in all his naked glory… pilot

This is where he earned the title of “McDreamy” he was just a guy in a bar and she was just a girl in a bar

meredith and derek

But that was also the day he met the love of his life , Meredith Grey, the mother of his children

derek and addison

But there was one little thing that Derek forgot, his wife in NY, Addison (Kate Walsh). After she cheated on him , she wanted to be forgiven and given another chance

pick me choose me love me

But Derek had a choice to make , and that was between his wife and the woman he loved, she asked him to “Pick Me , Choose Me, Love Me.”

the prom

 Derek made his choice and they made love at the prom that everyone had for the Chief’s niece who was dying of cancer

mark and derek

Derek’s best friend and brother was Dr Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) . Mark had slept with Addison which was why Derek ended up in Seattle. Mark died from injuries sustained in a plane crash a few years ago, now they are together again.

rescued by derek

Derek rescued Meredith from drowning from a ferry boat accident

candle house

Meredith was finally ready to commit when she made this house of candles. Derek was building a house for them and their children


Derek asked his mother for a blessing on him and Meredith. When she gave him her ring, he proposed in the hospital elevator surrounded by brain scans that the two had worked on together.

the post it wedding

Giving their wedding to Alex and Izzie, Meredith and Derek decided to get married in the locker room and write their vows on a post it. The post it hung in a frame above their bed.

derek gets shot

A disgruntled husband of a deceased patient went on a rampage in the hospital which resulted in Derek being shot and fatally wounded. The person who saved his life was his wife’s “person” , Cristina .

derek and meredith go fishing

When she was suffering from PTSD from the shooting, Derek took Cristina fishing so she could get away for the day. She caught a big fish and then broke down for the first time since the shooting.

zola and derek

From all the African kids that Karev brought to America, one of those kids stole Derek’s heart. Her name is Zola

get married

The two decided to get married for real so they could adopt Zola. They got married the same day as Callie and Arizona.

zola and shepherds

Here is the happy Shepherd family with Zola . She is officially theirs.

plane crash

Tragedy strikes again when the doctors are in a plane crash . Derek is injured and his career is in question. His sister , Lizzie (Neve Campbell) gave him her nerves so he could operate again.

perfect family

In the middle of a storm , Meredith gives birth to their little boy, Bailey Shepherd. They named their son after him when Miranda Bailey does surgery to save Meredith’s life.


Derek has five sisters , but his baby sister , Amelia (Caterina Scorscone) came from California right before Derek was called to Washington to work with the President and the brain mapping program. Amelia took over as Chief of Neuro.

how to save a life

After a long separation from Meredith , he was headed home from Washington for the last time. On the trip back, he saw an accident and in true Derek fashion he was the hero and took care of the people involved. But then Derek ‘s car was smashed into and he was taken to the hospital. He ironically died with a brain aneurism because the hospital wasn’t trained for trauma. He leaves behind his mother, his five sisters, his two children, Bailey and Zola, and his beloved wife Dr Meredith Grey. He also leaves us with a lot of memories from eleven years. He will be missed

derek shepherd 1966-2015


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