Beckett Has a Birthday- Happy Birthday Stana!!!!

stana katic

 ABC has a lot of pretty ladies that star in their shows. Ellen Pompeo, Kerry Washington, and this lady, Stana Katic.Stana was born April 26,1978..  She  currently stars on the show “Castle” as the newly married Kate Beckett Castle. For those who are unfamiliar with the show , it is about a mystery writer who has decided to write about a female NYPD detective.. So he can research the novel, he decides to tag along with a real NYPD detective , then sparks fly between the two and they admit they love each other. This season they finally tied the knot.

Stana is part of a show business fraternity because she was born in Hamilton, Ontario . Stana has dual citizenship to the US and Canada , a trait she shares with her co star and television husband , Nathan Fillion.Stana also has Chicago roots as well. She went to the Goodman School of Drama at DePaul University to work on her craft.

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Stana was born in Canada , so she has dual citizenship

quantum of solace

Here is Stana in the James Bond film “Quantum of Solace’ as Corinne Veneau


Stana also played Blaire Collins on an episode of “ER” . Here she is with Goran Visnjic who played Luka. Stana also has Croatian and speaks several languages including Russian.


On “Heroes” she played Hana Gitelman

the librarian

 Stana played a vampire in the third installment of the popular “Librarian” series. Here she is with Noah Wyle .

the closer

Here she is as Nadia in “The Closer” with Kyra Sedgwick


In 2009 Stana got the role that changed her life. Kate Beckett. Here she is with her fellow cast members on “Castle”

the blue butterfly

 Now going into its eighth season, the “Castle” gang has done some great theme shows . This tribute to the forties was called “The Blue Butterfly” about a murder that took place in a forties nightclub.


Before he was keeping the streets of Chicago free from scum, Jason Beghe played Mike Royce , Beckett’s mentor .

people choice awards

Stana has won many awards for her part of the detective Kate Beckett

mr and mrs castle

This year , Kate finally married the love of her life , Richard or Rick as she calls him. They are one of the best loved couples on television

stana birthday shot

Happy Birthday to you Stana from Chitownstarconnections


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