An Angel With A Tambourine


it is always sad when the icons of your generation pass on. It is especially sad when that icon was your inspiration. Today I found out that Suzanne Crough had died. Now many of you have only heard of the ABC show “The Partridge Family” . It was actually an adorable show about a widowed mother and her five kids who record a song and become a pop group. It was a breath of fresh of air in a time in the nation’s history when life was tumultous. People would watch the news on television and see the horrors oif Vietnam every night. Television was an escape and shows like “The Brady Bunch ” and “The Partridge Family” portrayed perfect families in a time when most families were dealing with sons fighting a war or daughters protesting the same war. It was the perfect way to live in a perfect world.

Suzanne was born on March 6, 1963. From the time she was a baby, she was part of the magical world called show business. It actually was a family business that involved Suzanne and all her siblings. She did commercials for Mattel and Barbie. But the one role that defined her and saved her place in pop culture was Tracy Partridge. She is forever that six year old playing four and keeping the beat for her mythical family. She was the typical cute and adorable little girl that captured the world’s heart. She didn’t say much and she didn’t sing, but she always managed to have the last word. She actually stole the scene from Danny Bonaduce in “The Partridge Family” pilot. Tracy was tagging along with her brother as he tried to sell the family’s song to Reuben Kinkaid. Reuben asks her a question not expecting an answer and she innocently said “Ten why?” Reuben then stated that he thought he was dealing with a forty year old midget. And Suzanne won America’s heart.

Some of you may wonder why this child star had so much impact on this person’s life. This same person has met and interviewed her television brother, and many other celebrities. “Tracy” was my inspiration.. I saw this little girl on television and decided right then and there that I wanted to do the same thing. I actually was in a Blue Birds talent show and had gotten a tambourine for Christmas. I stood in front of the assembly and mouthed the words to my Partridge Family album . This was a golden moment of my childhood. For all the times I stood on stage or in front of a camera, it all came from that magical talent show in Salem Ohio. I am very sad that I will never meet this woman and tell her the impact she had on my life. Maybe my mom and dad will get to now.

Suzanne really didn’t do that much after the show ended in 1974. She had appeared on a few series and also voiced a cartoon Tracy in the seventies show “Partridge Family 2200 AD” Suzanne leaves a husband William and two daughters. She also was a grandmother. For years, she owned her own bookstore and she treasured her childhood memories of the show and her television family.  To the Condray family , to her television family and to us , we give our sympathy.


Here is Suzanne with her television brothers, Danny (Danny Bonaduce) Chris ( Brian Forster) and big brother Keith (David Cassidy)


 Suzanne Crough 1963-2015


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