Time to Celebrate a True Gladiators Birthday

darby promo

 Today is Darby Stanchfield’s birthday. Darby plays the loyal Abby Whelan on the ABC hit “Scandal”. She is Olivia’s best friend , a true gladiator, and also she works in the White House as Press Secretary to President Grant. Darby has traveled from the far North to Washington DC. Darby was born on April 29, 1971 in Kodiak , Alaska. Her father’s occupation as a career fisherman caused the family to move from the Aleutian Islands and finally to Seattle. She graduated with a degree in Communications/ Theatre from University of Puget Sound and also studied with the American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco. Here are some highlights from Darby’s career.

how i met your mother

Here is Darby when she appeared on “How I Met Your Mother” with Josh Radnor and Jason Segal

ncis darby

Darby also played Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs wife  on “NCIS” Here she is with Mark Harmon as his first wife , Shannon

betty draper and darby

Darby was also Helen Bishop , the wild divorcee on the first season of “Mad Men” . Here she is having a conversation with Betty Draper (January Jones)


Darby has also appeared in many independent films. Here she is in the indie favorite “Waitress’ with her husband , Nathan Fillion. Nathan will play her ex husband on the ABC hit  “Castle”

meredith on castle

Here is Darby as Meredith Castle, Richard Castle’s first wife and Alexis ‘ mother on “Castle”


On “Scandal” Abby is a true gladiator. She called Stephen (Henry Ian Cusick) to come back to rescue Olivia (Kerry Washington)

 abby and david

She may be with Leo right now, but her true love is Attorney General David Rosen (Joshua Malina)


 Here is Abby at her new job as Press Secretary to President Grant (Tony Goldwyn) and Chief of Staff Cyrus Beane(Jeff Perry) One benefit is that she can keep her new boss up to date on her old boss.

This gladiator wants to wish Abby the bestest of birthdays …

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARBY from Chitownstarconnections

darby s


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