The Iconic Songs of” Scandal”


Tonight there is no show, why ?  We gladiators would like to know why HTGWM and Grey’s got to have two hour specials and we got our show preempted. But I decided to do something for my traditional gladiator report. Every week, the show has one of the best soundtracks on television. “Scandal” has given me a new appreciation for R and B and Motown. But what is special for us is that these songs emote emotions and memories of the show.  Join me on this musical trip down memory lane .

The Light by the Album Leaf

the light

 This instrumental piece has been dubbed the unofficial theme of “Olitz” Starting with “The Trail” , it is played whenever Olivia and Fitz are having one of their moments. It evokes emotions that we feel for the star crossed lovers. It has played every time there has been a pivotal moment for them. In this picture from “The Trail” , the two know that they must part once again and they stay in their little love bubble a little longer before they have to return to the world.

 “You’re the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me” by Gladys Knight and the Pips


“Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” is an emotional episode . It is mostly about Cyrus dealing with the death of his husband, James. Like most people , he spends most of the episode in denial and throwing himself into his work,  But every once in a whiile, he lets memories of him and James take over. Inevitably, he has a breakdown in the middle of a White House briefing concerning the supposed car jacking. The other iconic moment in the episode is when he breaks down into Fitz’s arms and is carried away. The Gladys knight song symbolizes a monumental moment in the relationship . It is when Cyrus stops being ashamed of his boyfriend and he literally comes out at the White House.

Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone  by Bill Withers

vermont is for lovers

I lovingly call “Vermont is for Lovers Too” the episode where everybody get some. That is because they do. But the big moment is when Olivia gets on Marine One and sees the house in Vermont. She is still angry at him because of the whole “Operation Remmington” mess. But leave it to this guy. Jake may have bought her Gettysburgers , but Fitz built her a house and a dream. “The Light” plays when he describes that this wonderful house was where he imagined retiring to after his term as President ends. The whole idea of jam and him being Mayor is alive and well. The Bill Withers song plays as the President seduces her and he peels off her clothes.

 Don’t You Worry About A Thing – Stevie Wonder


“Where the Sun Don’t Shine” was a fitting finale for the Winter Hiatus. Olivia had finally decided she would take care of her father and B613. The episode had another feature and that was Tony Goldwyn helmed as director of the episode. Olivia finally embraces herself and lets go until she is kidnapped. Hearing the song gives us all a freedom and let’s us choose us.

Ben by Michael Jackson

yara shahidi

In “YOLO” , Olivia finally has to confront the mother that she thought was dead. For years, her father has kept her in the dark and held her mother as a prisoner. She finally escapes and asks for her daughters help to leave the country. Abby asked her boyfriend at the justice department for help, but we all know whose boyfriend has all the pull .We also got to see the young Olivia played by Yara Shahidi of “Blackish” on the day that her mother supposedly died. The Michael Jackson song took the show back and let us see into the past of Olivia Pope and helped us to understand why she has a problem with love.

Sunny by Bobby Hebb

randy red superfreak and julia

At the beginning of season four “Randy Red Superfreak and Julia” , Olivia seems to be living the good life. She drinks her wine and sunbathes. She also has sex with Jake. The problems of Washington are far away and she has no idea that the First Lady is losing it and the President has tried to commit suicide. The death of “gladiator’ Harrison brings her back and then she decides to stay. “Sunny” makes an appearance again later in the season. While Olivia is in captivity, she has dreams of being in a shower and then is joined by her husband, Fitz. Pleasant visions are Jake (Scott Foley) running down the road in his underwear and Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) is always a treat.

“You’re All I Need to Get By” Marvin Gaye and Tammie Terrell

a woman scorned

In “A Woman Scorned” , Mellie has had it. She is ready to tell the world that her husband is a cheating bastard. How does her husband handle it? He runs to his girlfriend’s and they wait it out until the midnight hour of nine. That is when she goes on network television and is interviewed by James Novak (done to piss off Cyrus) . When the clock strikes nine, the loving starts. The passion ends in the shower with Fitz and Olivia say the iconic “Hi” This is also where the quote “if you want me , earn me” came from. The classic sets the mood for the President’s wanting to show Olivia that he is willing to risk it all for her. This classic season 2 episode was directed by Tony who admitted how hard it was to direct his own love scenes.

shower scene

All is Fair in Love  Stevie Wonder

Cyrus and James weddingcyrus and michael

bebe deuxfitz sees the ring

This has officially become my favorite episode of Season 4 . “Should Have Put a Ring on It”  has everything a true gladiator would want. There is the story of Cyrus having to marry to save his career . This leads to delightful flashbacks that chronicle Cyrus’s three weddings. First he married a woman to conform to his Republican party. The second wedding delights “Scandal” fans with the return of the late James Novak played by Dan Bucatinsky. James is the love of his life. We also see another couple had pivotal moments at that wedding. We finally learn the history of the “ring” It is a treasured Grant family heirloom that Fitz felt Olivia should have and it has a name “Deux bebe” . Flash ahead to the present , where Michael and Cyrus are married and the ring that Olivia threw at Fitz has returned. It gives all Olitz fans hope.


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