The Carousel Never Stops

greys anatomy logo

 As a long time fan of “Grey’s Anatomy,” I was quite excited to see how the great Shonda Rhimes would bid farewell to GA’s romantic lead. It was quite a shock when she blatantly killed off  one Derek Christopher Shepherd. It has become almost a yearly thing for the show to have at least one character bite the dust. People had just gotten used to Christina Yang leaving the show and believe me she is missed. True fans of the show can’t stand to see Owen with Amelia because we know that their love is deep and true. It is one thing when a minor character is killed off , but when one of the major leads is disposed of then fans question everything that they know. It has even cast a shadow over Shonda’s other show “Scandal” who is disposable, after Dempsey’s sudden exit, no one is safe. Sorry Mr President.

It was classic Shonda in the way that she dealt with the death. She loves the flashback and feels her characters can tell their story by letting the audience go back in time. A major part of the show kept going back to when Meredith was a child and when her mother found out she was pregnant with Maggie. It was also when Richard Webber told her it was over and she lost it. Our story started with the funeral and then Meredith disappearing. It turned out that is exactly what her mother Ellis did. Bravo to the always fabulous Kate Burton as the troubled Ellis Grey. The show then followed the doctors for an entire year and once again emphasized the family that Derek left behind. Owen returned to the military and took April with him. Most people were enraged by this chopped up version of tribute to Shepherd. But Rhimes prides herself on telling the story with flashbacks. . On HTGWM , she spent most of the season telling the story of Sam’s murder in flashbacks and on “Scandal” , critical plotpoints were emphasized in “Everything’s Coming Up Mellie” , “The Trail,” “Happy Birthday Mr President,” and more recently “Should Have Put A Ring On It.” She is quite comfortable with this method of story telling and viewers were confused by this. It was a treat for longtime fans because there was plenty of MerDer flashbacks that took us through their relationship. History was not ignored as characters that viewers could have pictured easing the pain of Derek’s death were mentioned. (Cristina, Thatcher, Addison) The basic message was that life has to go one when someone dies and that was shown through the two burn patients and their surgical journey. The doctors showed their love and concern when Meredith disappeared. It turns out that Meredith was pregnant and Derek had left his legacy. The true ties of the show were also shown when Meredith finally decided to return to Seattle with Alex. Catherine Scorsone also was featured  in this episode with her feelings about her brother’s death. Her breakdown was memorable. The relationship with Owen was very clearly demonstrated when she finally let him in. (Note to Shonda: Military flashbacks for Scandal. I think it is time we saw Captain Ballard  and Fitz in military uniforms)

It remains what the future of “Grey’s” is going to be at this point. Losing a character of this magnitude will definitely test the viewers loyalty. Many people have already said that they are done with the death of McDreamy . This could quite possibly be the end of the show but with eleven seasons, it has been a good run. Shepherd will cement Dempsey into the class of actors that will be known for that role for the rest of their career. Let’s hope this role won’t be his curse because he is a very talented and charismatic actor. As for MerDer, we cheer Meredith as she moves on with all the tragedies in her life. Ellen Pompeo has got a lot to play out yet. For Shonda and all of her couples, there will be two that will be immortalized as great love stories, Olivia and Fitz and Meredith and Derek.

Grey-Sloane- Shepherd Hospital?


Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) contemplates her future while the carousel turns.

ellis and meredith

One of Shonda’s best treasures is Kate Burton . Whether she is playing the troubled Ellis Grey or the power mad Sally Langston , she shines.


Meredith holds her new daughter , Ellis Shepherd. Life has come full circle for her.


The last of the two interns have been through hell and back, but Meredith and Alex(Justin Chambers) have been there for each other through it all.


In the show , Owen (Kevin McKidd) trades his scrubs for fatigues as he returns to help in a war zone. He takes April with him

Mer in Derle

Meredith prepares for surgery, she brings a piece of Derek with her. She now wears his ferry boat scrub cap


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