Our Salute to Television’s Mothers


Well today is Mother’s Day and we wouid like to wish all mothers everywhere a Happy Mother’s Day. Jen is cooking dinner for hers and mine will celebrating from Heaven . Television has also a great assortment of mother’s be they gems or jokes.. We salute television’s current crop of mothers, from singers and sinners. Mothers that live in NY lofts and the White House. Let’s take a look at some of these inspirational women.

beverly goldberg

Let’s take a trip back in time to the grand eighties for our first mom. Beverly Goldberg played by the fun loving Wendi McLendon -Covey.on ABC’s “The Goldbergs” Beverly takes her love a little too far when it comes to her kids. Also love those neon jazzercise duds.

bailey and tucker

Chandra Wilson is one the moms on the long running hit “Grey’s Anatomy” As Dr Miranda Bailey , she is a surgeon and the mom of her son , Tucker George. She also is a mother figure to her interns as well.

calzona momsSara Ramirez as Callie and Jessica Capshaw as Arizona  are lesbian mothers that share custody of their angel , Sophia. on “Grey’s Anatomy” She is the result of a night of passion from the late Mark Sloan., Callie’s bff.

jackson and katherine  greys

The legendary Debbie Allen has come to Grey – Sloan as Katherine Avery, mother to Dr Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) She is also one of Shondaland ‘s best directors and the wife of Richard Webber.on the show .

ellis grey

 Kate Burton, daughter of the late Richard Burton has been playing moms for years. Here is one of her most endearing roles as the mother of Meredith Grey, Dr Ellis Grey. She also gave birth to Meredith’s recently discovered sister, Dr Maggie Pierce

meredith grey My vote for the bravest mother on television has to be this woman, Dr Meredith Grey played for eleven years by the wonderful Ellen Pompeo. She is raising three children all alone since the untimely demise of her husband , Derek and continuing her career as a surgeon.

maya popeOlivia Pope of “Scandal” has had bad luck all around with parents. But she thought that her mother had been on a plane that had been shot down. Surprise, she had been in a hole for about twenty years by her husband. When she got out, she became a terror that is bent on ruining her daughter’s life. Khandi Alexander is Momma Pope.

mellie grant scandalIt is not easy being married to the President , especially when you are the other woman in his life.Bellamy Young shines as supermom Mellie Grant on “Scandal.” Mellie is running for Senate but she has had a hard year with the death of her son and dealing with her husband’s whims as well.

rayna james and daughters nashville Connie Britton is superstar mom Rayna James on “Nashville” Like most country legends, she is a survivor . . Rayna has lived through a manipulative father, a divorce, and having to chose between two men. Now she must be strong for the man she loves as he faces life saving surgery.

Juliette babyHayden Pantierre as country diva Juliette Barnes has just become a mom on “Nashville.” But there are problems as she fights post partum depression and tries to return to her music career.


Susan Sullivan is another mom who has went from “Falcon Crest” to “Dharma and Greg” . Currently , Susan is the drama queen mother, Martha Rodgers  to Richard Castle on “Castle.” Recently she acquired a daughter in law , Kate Beckett.

stepmother kate to alexis

 Stana Katic as Kate Beckett Castle has a new role , stepmom to her husband’s daughter. Alexis has thought of Kate as a mother figure since her own mother abandoned her and Castle years ago.

rainbow and her kids blackishTracee Ellis Ross , daughter to Motown legend , Diana Ross ,plays hippie child Rainbow on “Blackish” Rainbow is mom, doctor, and wife as she deals with her children and her immature husband and his overbearing mother

mary cooper bbt

Let’s hear it  for Steppenwolf member and Emmy award winning Laurie Metcalf. Laurie has endeared us as the Bible loving mother to Jim Parsons “Sheldon” on “The Big Bang Theory.” Mary has had to depend on her Lord and Savior to deal with her genius son.

beverly hofstadter  bbtChristine Baranski tears your heart out as the psychologist mother of Leonard on “BBT” . Her clinical approach to child rearing has caused him a lot of embarassment through the years. Now Beverly prepares to welcome her son’s wife into the family and then use her for study as well.

betty draperJanuary Jones is finishing her run as sixties mom, Betty Draper on “Mad Men” Betty has had to be mother to her children and perfect housewife in the turbulent late sixties to her unfaithful husband.

joan holloway and sonIt has been tough being a single mother and career gal but Joan Holloway has done it on “Mad Men” Christina Hendricks “Joan” has provided very well for her son.

cookie lyon and jamalFox’s new hit “Empire” has Taraji P Henson as “Cookie Lyon” . Cookie has made many sacrifices in her life for her husband and children. Her pride and joy is her son Jamal who has talent and her love because he is gay.

lois griffin family guy

Cartoon families have moms too and there isn’t a cooler or sexier mom than Lois Griffin in “Family Guy”

marge simpsonAnd there isn’t a more endearing mom than Marge Simpson on “The Simpsons” You need a smart mom when your dad is an idiot like Homer.

sharon and rusty major crimesMary McDonnell is mom to her adopted son on TNT’s “Major Crimes” Sharon Rayder is the head of the major crimes unit in Los Angeles .

rizzoli and isles and lorraine braccoLorraine Bracco is mom to the girls on “Rizzoli and Isles” As Angela Rizzoli , she serves up friendly advice to her daughter, Jane  and her partner in crime. Maura .

Donna BodenEamon Walker of “Chicago Fire” just became a husband and a new father. Chief Boden’s wife is played by Melissa Ponzio

Laura DiamondDebra Messing made a return to television this year as mom and detective on NBC’s “The Mysteries of Laura” As Laura Diamond , she has her hands full as mom to twins and assigned to the same precinct as her ex husband.

mom allison janneyAllison Janney formerly of the drama “The West Wing” makes a hilarious return to television in “Mom” She is the former addict Bonnie who drags her daughter and granddaughter into her trials weekly. This is not daughter , Kristy’s first time as mom on television. Anna Faris will always be remembered as young mom Erica from the last season of “Friends” . She was the birth mother to Chandler and Monica’s babies.

mollys mother swoozie kurtzMelissa McCarthy is “Molly” on Mike and Molly. Life is trying enough with her family, especially her mother , Joyce, played by veteran Broadway and television actress , Swoozie Kurtz

The Good Wife - Family PhotoFinishing our salute to television’s mothers is Julianna Marguiles of “The Good Wife” She was a mother before on “ER” as the mother to George Clooney’s twins . In this picture , she is joined with her children and her mother played by Stockard Channing. Stockard was formerly the FLOTUS on “The West Wing.”


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