And They Lived Happily Ever After….for now..

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So the curtain has lowered on Season Four and it has been quite a ride. To one Shonda Rhimes, I apologize for every nasty thing that I have said since the death of one Derek Christopher Shepherd. This week started with the rumor of who might die and one of those names was our dear POTUS. Gladiators were running around in a panic and begging Shonda to save Fitz. With the upfronts and Paley fest, the cast was buying into the hysteria. As we approached show time, the fever was building and gladiators were pouring wine and preparing for the worst. (By the way, thanks to Illuminate Wines for the lovely wine for tonight’s broadcast.)

Caution there are spoilers ahead: so be prepared.

How could Mellie not know who the mysterious donor was ?Lizzie Bear had to be in on the whole thing. In the file was only every dirty rotten thing that she and her husband have done in the past twenty years. In exchange for the election, she had to give Rowan the names of the jurors that were hearing about B613. You got to give it to Rowan , he knows how to clean up a mess. You get rid of the jurors with the help of your ace killer aka Huck. Rosen once again comes up short but he gets a wake up call courtesy of Cyrus.Cyrus starts threatening him about Abby. Still in love, he gives the files to Olivia thereby washing his hands of the super secret spy organization. Olivia and Jake go forward and then they end up behind bars. The two are pardoned when they sign a paper stating there is no B613. Olivia had been terrorized by her mother again. Quinn confronts Huck about his killing spree. She had truly earned her gladiator wings. Jake tells Olivia that the road has ended and he is in love with her. Alas, he knows she doesn’t love him. It is time for her to get what’s hers.

The MVG this episode is without a doubt Fitzgerald Thomas Grant. He has sat back and took everyone’s shit long enough. He has appeared as weak most of this season. Tonight as he put it so eloquently, he showed his Presidential balls. He celebrated with Mellie and then praised her as his best friend. I don’t know about you, but when a guy calls a woman his best friend it is the kiss of death. Fitz decided to clean house tonight. He found  out what Melllie did and then threw her ass out of the White House. After everything he did , he also fired Cyrus. Lizzie Bear could only smile as she took over his office and watched him leave. There was only one more order of business for our hero , get the girl. He went over to her apartment and she wasn’t there. Defeated he goes home, and then he hears that familiar “Hi.” The lovers are finally reunited .Everything is rosy….for now.

Rosen 2The claws came out tonight on Cyrus (Jeff Perry) as he threatens the love of David Rosen’s life if David(Joshua Malina) doesn’t quit trying to bring down B613.


He  is once again defeated as he hands over the files of B613 to the gladiators and Olivia. She vows to bring down her father at any cost.


Quinn (Katie Lowes) confronts Huck (Guillermo Diaz) about murdering the jurors for Papa Pope


Fitz cleaned house by firing Cyrus and telling Mellie (Bellamy Young) to get out

Olitz baby

But the sweetest scene was when Fitzgerald Thomas Grant was reunited with the love of his life

Checking the gate folks!( That’s show biz for a finished scene)


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