Castle, Before They Fought Crime

castle___recoloured_by_ghostlinz-d69kxejFor 7 years they’ve been a family fighting crime, falling in love and defying the odds but what what was our favorite crime fighting cast doing before Castle? Read on to find out!

oltlBefore Nathan`Fillion was a ruggedly handsome writer he was romancing Dorian Lord as Joey Buchanan the youngest son of Dorian’s arch enemy Viki Buchanan on the daytime drama “One Life to Live”

Firefly  After he left Llanview, Nathan took up residence in space aboard the Serenity. Hie took charge as Captain Malcolm Reynolds on “Firefly” The show was cancelled after just one season but its still a pop culture phenomenon. It has even been referenced on Castle several times.

cute-castleNathan is now the ruggedly handsome writer Richard Castle who recently married the love of his life, his muse Detective Kate Beckett.

The_Librarian__the_Curse_of_the_Judas_Chalice Stana Katic played vampire Simone in the TNT movie “The Librarian The Curse of the Judas Chalice”. She tried to sink her fangs into ER’s Noah Wyle.

Castles-Kate-BeckettFor the last 7 years Stana has played bad ass detective with a troubled past Kate Beckett. Kate has since left her past behind thanks to a writer who never took no for an answer. He helped her fight her demons and they fell in love along the way.

Espo Before he was busting bad guys Jon Huertas was hanging out a teenage which. Brad Alcerro was Harvey Kinkle’s best friend on “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.”

Army Wives - Season 2, "Leaving the Tribe" - Catherine Bell as Denise, Seamus Dever as Chris 'Getti' Ferlinghetti - Alfeo Dixon/Lifetime Television

. Before he was one of NYPD’s finest Seamus Dever played motorcycle riding Dr. Chris Ferlinghetti on Lifetime’s “Army Wives”

the boysJon and Seamus are now seen every week as detectives Javier Esposito and Kevin Ryan. These two have quite the bromance. They not only each others backs but they have Castle and Beckett’s backs too. As Esposito said intheseason6 episode Veritas “We’re family”


Tamala Jones played Alicia Mitchel the wife of comedian Tracy Morgan on the short lived comedy “The Tracy Morgan Show”

lanieThese days Tamala is playing medical examiner and best friend to Kate Beckett, Dr. Lanie Parish. Lanie doesn’t take crap from anyone, she also has an on and off romance with Detective Esposito.

deep space 9Nathan wasn’t the only one who took up residence in space. Penny Jerald Johnson is known to scifi lovers and trekkies as Kasidy Yates on “Star Trek Deep Space Nine”

Victoria-CastlePenny is now the no nonsense captain of the12th precinct Victoria Gates. She joined the team after Captain Montgomery’s untimely murder.

gal-america-ruben-santiago-hudson1Ruben Santiago-Hudson was a street hustler who stole Eddie Murphy’s royal possessions in the movie “Coming to America”

RoyRuben played the captain of the`12th Roy Montgomery until Roy’s death at end of season 3. Roy added Castle to their team changing Kate’s life forever.

Susan Falcon CrestSusan Sullivan portrayed wife and mother Maggie Gioberti-Channing for 6 years on the long running nighttime soap “Falcon Crest”

CASTLE - "Secret Santa" - When a bearded, rotund man in a red Santa suit with an ID reading Kris Kringle falls from the sky in Central Park, Castle and Beckett are on the hunt to find the person who killed Santa. But everything isn't holiday cheer, as they discover St. Nick may have been more naughty than nice. Meanwhile, Castle and Beckett prepare for their first Christmas together, on "Castle," MONDAY, DECEMBER 3 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on ABC. (ABC/RICHARD CARTWRIGHT) NATHAN FILLION, SUSAN SULLIVAN

Now Susan plays actress Martha Rodgers, mother of Richard Castle. She’s a drama queen who loves her craft and her family.

CoryRandallScott Paulin played Professor Corey Randall at California University on “Beverly Hills 90210” he assigned Brandon Walsh to tutor a young promising athlete D’Shawn.

katejimHere is Scott as a proud father, Jim Beckett walking is only daughter Kate Beckett down the isle to her one and done, her writer.

Jack-Coleman-vuelve-a-Heroes-y-es-una-buena-noticia-5Some may remember Jack Coleman as Steven Carrington son of Blake Carrington on the 80’s nighttime soap opera “Dynasty” but pictured here is his character Noah Bennett in the scifi drama “Heroes” that is returning to NBC this fall. Most recently fans of “Scandal” will remember Jack as former vice president Sally Langston’s closeted gay husband who she murdered Daniel Douglas Langston.

BrackenJack played crooked politician Senator William Bracken the man responsible for the murder of Kate Beckett’s mother when she was just 19. Bracken wreaked havoc on the detective’s life attempting to have her murdered more then once. it took 16 years but Kate finally brought Bracken to justice arresting him herself during his live press conference.

Castle will return for an eight season this fall Mondays at 9/10 on ABC


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