55 Never Looked Sexier- Happy Birthday Tony !!!!

formal photoOn May 20, 1960 , there was a little baby born to Samuel Goldwyn Jr. and Jennifer Howard. They named their bundle of joy Anthony Howard Goldwyn.  “Tony” may have been born in a Hollywood family, but he wasn’t raised around the familiar stars and studios despite the fact that his grandfather was the Hollywood mogul, Samuel Goldwyn, head of MGM. His parents wanted him to be a normal kid, not a Hollywood brat.

But Tony was determined to be in show business and thank God. He has had a long and illustrious career. Paying his dues, he has achieved the stardom that he so deserved. Tony is also very involved in charities , especially with the arts and the fight for a cancer cure. On his fifty fifth birthday, we at Chitownstarconnections want to wish him the best of birthdays. Nothing but the best for our “POTUS”


Wasn’t Tony a cutie as a baby? This little guy would grow up and be a real hottie

7 yr old potusHere is a young Tony at the age of 7

12 year old potusHere he is at the age of 12….what a determined look

Tony Goldwyn - Hamilton 1978Here is a young Tony with that gorgeous smile

21 yr old potusHere is a full grown Tony ready to take on the world.

designing women kendall dobbsHere is Tony on the Linda Bloodworth Thompson classic “Designing Women” . The episode told the story of about a young man who was dying of AIDS and the prejudice he had encountered. Tony was the young man dying of AIDS.

carl from ghostBut the role that shot Tony to fame was in the movie “Ghost” He was cast as the evil Carl Bruener, the friend of Sam’s who had him murdered to save his ass.

williamstown with 30 rocks' jane krakowskiTony has not only done movies and television, he has also proven himself as a theatre actor. Here he is at the famous Williamstown camp where young actors go to perfect their craft. The young lady is Jane Krakowski , Jenna from “30 Rock”

tony in kuffsTony got a chance to show his comic chops in “Kuffs” as Ted , Christian Slater’s partner. He had a memorable scene where all he did was say the word “Fuck”. Tony would later state on twiiter that it was his favorite swear word.

the pelican briefHere is Tony in “The Pelican Brief’ as Chief of Staff, Fletcher Coal. It would be the first in a long career of playing politicians for him.

doomsday gun spaceyIt’s dueling Presidents in the tv movie “Doomsday Gun” . Tony has a heated discussion with “House of Cards” own” President” Kevin Spacey.

love matters with kate burtonIn the movie “Love Matters” Tony plays a cheating husband . His wife? His future Veep , Kate Burton

godfather of green bay macarenaOne of Tony’s funniest roles was in the indie “The Godfather of Green Bay.” In the movie, Tony plays Big Jake Norquist a former football star and drug dealer. You can’t stop laughing as he does the “Macarena”.

tony directsAs well as actor , Tony is also an accomplished director. He has directed movies, television, and that includes his own series “Scandal”  This past summer he also produced the WE-tv series “The Divide”

promises promises sheldrakeSo versatile, Tony also appeared on Broadway in the revival of “Promises , Promises” Here he is with Sean Hayes

love stiks frasierTony has also done a lot of guest spots on television. One of his most beloved is in an episode of “Frasier” called “Love Stinks” . He plays a trash man who dates Roz (Peri Gilpin) . She wants to like him but is afraid of what people think of him.

neil armstrongTony also portrayed astronaut Neil Armstrong in HBO’s “From the Earth to the Moon” . Others in the miniseries include Joshua Malina, George Newbern, and Tom Verica

tarzanTony also voiced the main character in Disney’s “Tarzan”  Notice the resemblance

divergent andrew He made last year a banner year when he took the role of patriarch Andrew , in the movie “Divergent” .

icon pictureBut the year that changed Tony’s life was 2012 when Shonda Rhimes cast him as President Fitzgerald T Grant on “Scandal” Here he is with the love of his life , Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope

mellie and fitz on the truman porchFitz is pictured here with the First Lady Mellie played by Bellamy Young. Mellie may be his wife , but after finding out some things , he threw her out of the White House

tony and his daughtersHere is Tony with his two lovely daughters , Tess and Anna

shirtless tonyNow this is 55! Talk about the sexiest man on television. Tony knows how to steam up those sex scenes with his seductive voice and what a body!

scandal  jeff tony and kerryThere is always a crisis in the White House but Fitz has plenty of help with Olivia and Cyrus. Jeff Perry of Steppenwolf plays Fitz’s best friend.

birthday shotSo Chitownstarconnections wishes our Tony , our vote for President , a very Happy Birthday! Thanks for brightening up our days.


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