A Lifestyle is a Terrible Thing to Waste : An Entourage Retrospective

In 2001, Doug Ellin and former music star and actor Mark Wahlberg had an idea for a television series . Wahlberg took his idea to HBO about a series chronicling his meteoric rise to fame and the buddies he took with him on the journey from Boston to Hollywood. In 2004, HBO premiered the story of Vincent Chase , his half brother who had some success, Johnny, and his best friends Eric and Turtle. Tonight Entourage ends its saga, well at least for now. It has been confirmed that there will be a movie by Adrien Grenier, who plays Vinnie on the hit series.

The saga ended, but with a lot of questions to be answered. Will Vinnie get his brother’s movie off the ground? Will Eric ever get back with Sloan and is this really the end of Ari’s marriage?  In tribute to this great show and the awesome cast,  here are some of the best moments of Entourage.

Aronald The boys in Hollywood with their pet dog , Arnold.

AriAri calling for his loyal assistant. “LLLLLOYYYYD!”

eric-and-sloan_500x333Eric and the love of his life? Sloane.

Vin PaulaVinnie has a meeting with his publicist, Shauna, played by Debbie Mazar.

hug it outThe catchphrase that came from the show,”Let’s hug it out bitch!” Jeremy actually said it at a Cubs game.

entourageE , Turtle, and Drama plan a party in the final season for Vinny coming home from rehab.

the GoldsJeremy Piven and Perrey Reeves play the Hollywood power couple Mr and Mrs Ari Gold.


Kevin Dillon remembering his glory days on Viking Quest.. VICTORY!

Johnny Drama and his alter ego Johnny Bananas.

jamie-lynn-and-jerry-ferrara-11Turtle finds love with Tony Soprano’s daughter. Jamie Lynn Sigler and Jerry Ferrarra.

llyodAri’s “girl Friday”  Lloyd played by Rex Lee

bobby-flay-entourageAri tells Bobby Flay where to stick his mushrooms in the final season.

picture-83-thumb-640xauto-9918Hey Chitown ! It is the meeting of the minds. Gary Cole from Steppenwolf, Jeremy from the Piven Theatre Workshop, and that dark haired guy at the head of the table is none other than Lookingglass alum, David Schwimmer. And the guy in front of Jeremy is none other than party king of Chicago, Mr Billy Dec. Many guest stars appeared on Entourage like Mandy Moore, Bob Saget, James Cameron, Gary Busey, Jessica Alba, and Malcolm McDowell.

ari-on-mushroomsAri in Joshua Tree on mushrooms in “Tree Trippers.”

DanoThe very hot Scott Caan joined the show toward the end as Scott, E’s business partner. He is the son of James Caan.

ari-the-terminastorAri the terminator


We miss you guys!!! Cant wait for the movie!!


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