Browncoats It’s A Way Of Life

fireflyIf you’ve never heard of Firefly its okay climb out from that rock you were living under and read on.

Firefly is a scifi drama that blends space and the wild west. It was created by the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Joss Whedon. The show revolves around a crew of 9 who live on the Serenity. Even though Firefly only lasted one season it still has a loyal fan following as well as big in pop culture with memorabilia and collectibles available, the show has even been referenced many time on CBS’s “The Big Bang Theory” and ABC’s “Castle”

Firefly_class_shipThe Serenity is home for the Captain and his crew.

Malcolm-Reynolds-malcolm-reynolds-26243916-2060-2560Malcolm Reynolds is the captain of the Serenity. Nathan Fillion portrayed the captain, He has been playing writer Richard Castle on the ABC hit “Castle” going into his 8th season this fall. Nathan still hits the comic con scene greeting Browncoats as well as Castle fans.

zoe_referenceZoe Washburne played by Gina Torres is Malcolm oldest friend she severed under him in the Unification war and is now the second in command aboard the Serenity. Gina has guest starred on “Castle” and still hits the comic con scene from time to time.

WashHoban “Wash” Washborne played b Alan Tudyk is the pilot of the Serenity he’s married to Zoe. Alan has recently developed a web series “Con Man” with Nathan Fillion. He is big in the comic con scene.

InaraInara Serra played by Morena Baccarin is a companion known as an escort in modern times. Inara hides feelings for Malcom. Morena can currently be seen on Showtime’s “Homeland”Jayne2

Jayne Cobb played by Adam Baldwin is a mercenary with a heart he is seen wearing an orange and yellow hat that was a gift from his mother.He also has a love for the ladies. Adam has guest starred on Castle and is currently staring on TNT’s “The Last Ship” He too is`still big on the comic con scene.

Kaylee_sitKaylee Frye played by Jewel Staite is the ship mechanic she’s sweet and keeps the Serenity flying.

SimonDr. Simon Tam played by Sean Maher is a trauma surgeon who gives up his future in the medicine for his sister, he breaks her out of a research facility.

River River Tam played by Summer Glau is a child prodigy and sister to Simon. Simon does everything he can for her. Summer is still big in the comic con scene.

shepherdDerrial “Shepherd” Book played by Ron Glass a shepherd also known as a pastor in modern times.

Next a few of our favorite moments

ShindigShindig.. Inara goes a society dance that Malcolm attends as well. Why its a favorite? The costumes are reminiscent of those in ” Gone with the Wind”  and we see Malcolm in a fencing duel.

firefly-jaynestown_gallery_primaryJaynestown.. A planet where Jayne is a folk hero. Why we like it, there’s a statue of Jayne and of course the song! A Man They Call Jane!

Firefly-110-FullWar Stories.. Mal and Wash are taken hostage and tortured due to Mal’s failure to finish a job. Why we like it, we learn the history between Mal and Zoe, and we see the friendship and loyalty between Mal and Wash.

nathan fillion nude firefly

Trash.. Saffron returns using a scheme to get the crew of the Serenity to help her steal a rare antique weapon from a man who happens to be her husband. Why we like it all we have to say is Nathan Fillion in his birthday suit!

Heart of GoldHeart of Gold..The Serenity crew is called upon to help protect a Brothel ran by a friend of Inara’s. Why we like it, Simon delivers a baby, Jayne taking up with two of the residents of the brothal and watching Inara ‘s heart break after learning Malcolm slept with her friend.

Firefly-Panel Firefly is alive and well at comic cons every where, Here are Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk at a recent comic con.

firefly-serenity-full-cast-dvdbash-20Stay shiny Browncoats! We’ll see you aboard the Serenity!


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