Happy Besties Day….My Top Ten BFFs

… Television has been filled with bffs… actually too many to name. I am going to narrow it down to my top ten bffs….past and present Here are my top picks for my favorite television female best friends

ab fabThese two gals are all about fun, booze, and now wanting to act their age. They are the two besties from across the pond. Edina and Patsy from “Absolutely Fabulous”

sex and the city girlsThese girls talk about men, drink cosmos, and shop for fabulous clothes. Well now that they all have husbands and kids, they still make time for each other. Samantha, Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda the gals of “Sex and the City”

friends girlsMonica and Rachel have known each other forever. Then Phoebe moved into their lives. They have been through boyfriends including Monica’s brother and his best friends as well. They are true “Friends”

katie and lainieLainie and Kate of “Castle” are best buddies. Lainie was the one who told Kate not to fight her feelings about Rick Castle

designing womenThey are the  original  “Steel Magnolias” they are Mary Jo, Charlene, Julia, and Suzanne “Designing Women”

2 broke girlsCaroline and Max are trying to make their dreams come true in the Big Apple. They always have fun even though right now they are “Two Broke Girls”

bbt girlsThese girls all love nerds and each other.. they are the fun loving girls of the “Big Bang Theory” Penny, Bernadette, and Amy

the golden girlsThese women are classics and golden, “The Golden Girls”

abby and oliviaThey met in school and have been friends ever since. Olivia took care of Abby’s abusive husband and Abby takes care of Olivia now. She called Stephen to rescue her and informs Fitz about Olivia as well. They go over a cliff for each other …Abby and Olivia of “Scandal”

greys anatomy m and cBut you can’t talk about besties without talking about these two girls. They are the twisted sisters… Meredith and Cristina on “Grey’s Anatomy”


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