Let’s Lift a Toast to Marriage! Everyone Deserves a Chance to Love!

toast to marriage

These next few weeks are crucial in our nation’s history. What a great event to talk about during Pride Month. In the next few weeks , the Supreme Court will decide whether same sex marriage will become legal in all fifty states. SKYY Vodka  has  partnered to show their support for same sex marriage. As an actress and a supporter of the arts, I wholeheartedly think that everyone is entitled to love who they want. Some of my favorite actors and actresses are involved in marriages and they produce and raise happy and healthy children. They support each other as well as make appearances together . In some cases, they also work on projects together as well.

You can do your part as well. You can go on social media by using the #Toast to Marriage. If you want more information just go to http://www.toasttomarriage.com/

dan bucatinsky and don roosDon Roos is a director and his husband Dan Bucatinsky is a writer/producer/ and actor. Dan has appeared in many series and most recently won an Emmy for his role on “Scandal” as James Novak. Don has also directed his husband in movies. They have two children and from the experience Dan has authored a book about being a gay parent.

GS: 26625:   BEVERLY HILLS,  - AUGUST 16, 2008- The wedding of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, Aug. 16, 2008. usa Photo Credit: JLC-Lara Porzak Photography

Ellen DeGeneres and her wife , Portia Di Rossi support each other in their careers. Portia goes to award shows with Ellen when she hosts and Ellen had the cast of Portia’s show “Scandal” on her award winning talk show.

Generated by  IJG JPEG

Neil Patrick Harris and his husband


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