Let’s Hear It For Canada- A Dominion Day Salute to TV’s Actors from the North

canadian flag

Today is July the First.. in Canada it is a national holiday. Some people call it Canada Day and others call it Dominion Day. It is the day that Canada formed into independent states under British rule. So many of our biggest television stars have made the trek from the North to NYC and Hollywood. Today as we celebrate all things Canadian, we salute our finest and favorite Canadian actors and actresses.

Without further ado… we sing O Canada….to

william shatnerYou can ‘t talk about Canadian icons without mentioning the ultimate Canadian tv star. Any trekkie knows who that is and it’s none other than James Tiberius Kirk or William Shatner. No actor has rode or made fun of their alter ego more than Shatner. “Star Trek” has cemented his name in television history.

will trumanBorn in Toronto, Eric James McCormack has cemented his place in gay history for the role he played for eight seasons on “Will and Grace” . as lawyer Will Truman. Along with the sitcom which won him an Emmy, Eric has performed on Broadway and appeared in many stage roles. He was in the American premiere of Neil LaBute’s “Some Girls” and also was the producer of his now defunct series “Perception” which he starred as well.


These two Canadian actors are one of the hottest couples on television. Nathan Fillion has made his rounds from Alberta to NYC and into outer space. Starting his career on the late great “One Life to Live”, and cemented his place in the hearts of Browncoats everywhere as Capt Malcolm Reynolds on “FIrefly” Stana Katic  comes from the North but has Chicago roots since she attended DePaul for theatre. She has made her mark as a “Bond ” girl in “Quantum of Solace” and appeared as a sexy vampire with the star of “Falling Skies” Noah Wyle in the “Librarian” series. Today the twosome solve crimes and heat up the Big Apple as Richard and Kate Castle.

sandra ohSandra Oh is a national treasure . Coming from Ottawa, she made her way to Hollywood where we first laughed at her on the HBO series “Arliss” But we will never forget her for ten seasons as the bff or ‘twisted sister’ of Meredith Grey on “Grey’s Anatomy” Cristina Yang was a rock star in the OR and but she struggled in her relationship with hubby Owen Hunt. Yang may be in Switzerland now, but her heart still remains with her man. Sandra celebrated the end of her run by coming to Chicago last summer and performing at Victory Gardens.

evan r lawsonOntario has contributed a lot of actors to American television and one of the newest is Paolo Costanzo, A stoner in “Road Trip’ and a geek as Joey’s nephew in “Joey” , Paolo has won the hearts of the viewers and critics on one of the highest rated cable series on television, “Royal Pains” Paolo plays  the brother of Hank Lawson , Evan Lawson . Evan started out as a cross between Alex P Keaton and Danny Partridge, happily he has matured. Paolo has also taken the job as director on the series a few times as well.

the shepherdsCaterina Scorsone is currently one of the brightest stars in the Shondaland horizon . She was originally cast on “Private Practice” when casting agents noticed her resemblance to star Patrick Dempsey and cast her as Derek’s addict sister, Amelia. When “PP” finally closed its doors, Amelia traveled to Seattle and “Grey’s Anatomy” . She is now the top neurosurgeon at Sloane Grey and involved with Owen Hunt.

robin on himymCobie Smulders came from her native Vancouver. For eight seasons, she was the woman between two bros on “How I Met Your Mother” . Robin had an endearing quality and that was her love for Canada. She brought her native country to the role. Currently she is on the show “Agents of Shield”

finn hudsonCory Monteith was born in Calgary and achieved success at a young age. He is most known as the beloved jock Finn Hudson on “Glee” Glee’ brought him fame and love .He had made plans to marry his co star and leading lady Lea Michele . Sadly in 2013, Cory was found dead in his hotel room.He will be long remembered and missed.

matthew perry 17 againWe end our salute to Canada with one of the most endearing actors and television personalities , Matthew Perry. Matthew has been acting since he was a teen. He has immortalized himself forever as lovable smart ass Chandler Bing on “Friends” . In recent years he has done many television appearances including “Good Wife”, “Scrubs’, West Wing” and a reunion with his tv wife, Courteney Cox on “Cougar Town” .Matthew has also starred in about four series finally hitting gold as Oscar Madison in a new version of the Gary Marshall classic “The Odd Couple”


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