A Salute to Independence Day- TV and Movies First Ladies

4th-Of-July-Clip-Art-Images-1024x743Ah the fourth of July has arrived. In the past we have saluted the military, actors that have played Presidents,and different ethnic groups. For the Fourth, I have decided to follow the tradition of the holidays and this time I am honoring the lady behind the President … the First Ladies….

patty dukeVeteran actress Patty Duke played the mother of our country, Martha Washington in a mini series about George Washington. The actor should look familiar to you ,its Barry Botswick. He was the mayor on “Spin City” and more recently played politician, Fitzgerald T Grant 2 on “Scandal”.

mary mcdonnell in independence dayBefore she led the “Major Crimes” force as Capt Sharon Raydor, Mary McDonnell took her turn as First Lady in the blockbuster “Independence Day” . She was married to Bill Paxton as Marilyn Whitmore

tamela jones in head of stateTamala Jones plays the sexy medical examiner, Lainie Parrish on “Castle” . Here she becomes First Lady to Chris Rock’s President in “Head of State

THE WEST WING x§THE WEST WING -- NBC Series -- Pictured: (l-r) Martin Sheen as President Josiah Bartlet, Stockard Channing as First Lady Abigail Bartlet -- N

Stockard Channing was the charming , worldly physician and First Lady on “The West Wing” , Abigail Bartlett. Her worst patient was her husband Josiah, who suffered in silence from MS.

Nixon 1995 Real. : Olivier Stone Anthony Hopkins Joan Allen Collection Christophel

Joan Allen , another member of Steppenwolf Theatre Company, won critical acclaim in Oliver Stone’s “Nixon” as Pat Nixon. Anthony Hopkins portrayed the President and another actor played his brother, Tony Goldwyn

cynthia nixon as eleanor rooseveltCynthia Nixon will always be the glam gal, Miranda from “Sex and the City” . She is almost unrecognizable as the plain Eleanor Roosevelt in “Warm Springs”

glenn close mars attacksGlenn Close and Jack Nicholson camp up the President and First Lady in “Mars Attacks”

jackie smith as jackie kennedyAfter she finished her stint as one of “Charlie’s Angels ” Jaclyn Smith made a beautiful , stylish  Jackie Kennedy in “Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy”

primary colorsEmma Thompson and John Travolta played the Stantons whose story eerily mirrored The Clintons in Mike Nichols “Primary Colors”

elizabeth banks in w as laura bushElizabeth Banks has been seen in a lot of projects in the past few years. She was the mother to JD ‘s child on “Scrubs”

and Jack Donahgy on “30 Rock” . Here she is in “W” as Laura Bush.

claire and frank underwoodRobin Wright started out as a Princess Bride and made it all the way to First Lady in the highly acclaimed Netflix “House of Cards” . As Claire Underwood, she schemes to aid her equally evil husband , Frank , as they make their way through the halls of power.

fitz and mellie againWe end with my favorite First Lady and that is the phenomenal Bellamy Young as  the iron willed Mellie Grant on “Scandal”. Mellie has lied, killed, and forged her way to get to the White House. She has been the victim in a marriage where her father in law raped her causing the birth of her husband’s brother. She has sacrificed her own career for the sake of Fitz’s . Finally coming into her own , she has won the seat of Senator in Virginia. There is only one problem., her husband is in love with another woman. Finding out that Mellie  has been up to the same old tricks, her husband , Fitzgerald  has thrown her out of the White House.


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