“As Real as it Gets” -an interview with David Eigenberg


The other day I had the pleasure to chat with David Eigenberg. David is originally from Naperville, but he is back in town filming scenes from the new NBC drama, “Chicago Fire.” Prior to this, he is most known for playing Steve Brady, Miranda’s love interest on “Sex and the City.”

On one of his breaks last week,  Steve took some time out to tell me a little about the show.  He informed me that he was wearing about forty pounds of gear. “That is one thing Dick Wolf insists on is authenticity.”  He was referring to “the ” Dick Wolf of Law and Order fame, who is producing “Chicago Fire.”  “We have real Chicago firemen all over the set and we also have gone on ride alongs with them as well. They are really great and we have a lot of fun joking around together.”  Quite a different world from the fashionable  streets of Manhattan where David played the lovable bartender for most of the series.  But don’t get David wrong, he loved being around intelligent women . After all, he grew up being raised with five sisters.

David also didnt mind returning to the Windy City.  It is where he was raised and he also loves the people here.  “Chicago is filled with people with huge hearts and a great edge. They are a little bit more edgy in New York and I also like the cold.”  He also enjoys seeing all the different people that they have used as extras for filming.   He thinks that adds color to the series.   “It still amazes me that young girls come up to me and all they can do is talk about the show. ” I reminded him that “Sex” was an iconic series of its time . Probably one of the last great comedies of our time.  He corrected me by calling it a “dramedy”  . “After all , there was some drama , some comedy, but no one liners.”  he added.  He did love playing Steve and admitted that he was a fun character to play.

I was anxious to hear about his new character on “Chicago Fire.” He described, “Christopher” as a real stand up guy, kind of like Steve.  Real down to earth . He was once the young guy and now he is the old, cranky guy. He kind of is the one who keeps the young fire fighters in line.”

Watch David and his co stars on “Chicago Fire” Season 4 this fall on NBC

120511-tv-weddings-satc-cynthia-nixon-400Here is David with co star Cynthia Nixon. He is still amazed that young girls still recognize him for Steve.


On a warm summer day, David is dressed in his fire gear as “Christopher” . Talk about burning up.

You can see David and his cast mates when Chicago Fire this fall on NBC



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